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IRIS 2023-8:1/5 [CH] Investment obligations for audiovisual services come into force in Switzerland
IRIS 2023-3:1/24 [CH] Swiss Media Commission favours structural change for media support
IRIS 2022-6:1/2 [CH] Swiss public vote to amend Federal Film Act
IRIS 2022-4:1/29 [CH] Swiss vote to ban tobacco advertising aimed at children and young people
IRIS 2022-4:1/30 [CH] Swiss reject Media Support Act
IRIS 2021-9:1/3 [CH] Switzerland adopts new obligations for audiovisual services
IRIS 2021-2:1/20 European Court of Human Rights: Schweizerische Radio- und Fernsehgesellschaft and publisuisse SA v. Switzerland
IRIS 2020-7:1/11 [CH] Short- and long-term assistance for journalism
IRIS 2019-9:1/7 [CH] Proposed Electronic Media Act replaced with rapidly implementable support measures
IRIS 2018-9:1/8 [CH] New rules for SRG: more public service, no targeted advertising
IRIS 2018-6:1/11 [CH] Majority want a strong public radio and television service
IRIS 2018-6:1/1 European Court of Human Rights: GRA Stiftung gegen Rassismus und Antisemitismus v. Switzerland
IRIS 2018-2:1/11 [CH] SSR’s new licence put into circulation
IRIS 2018-1:1/14 [CH] Copyright Act to be amended
IRIS 2017-9:1/7 [CH] Draft revision of Telecommunications Act
IRIS 2017-7:1/12 [CH] Federal Tribunal objects to exclusion of media from criminal proceedings
IRIS 2016-10:1/8 [CH] Increase in proportion of licence fee allocated to local radio stations and television channels
IRIS 2016-10:1/7 [CH] Promotion of diversity of film offers on the Internet
IRIS 2016-8:1/6 [CH] Federal Council report on public-service electronic media
IRIS 2016-7:1/10 [CH] Government not in favour of introducing “droit de suite”
IRIS 2016-5:1/1 European Court of Human Rights: Bédat v. Switzerland (Grand Chamber)
IRIS 2016-2:1/6 [CH] Bill to amend legislation on copyright
IRIS 2016-1:1/1 European Court of Human Rights: Perinçek v. Switzerland
IRIS 2015-8:1/9 [CH] Higher international profile for Swiss cinema
IRIS 2015-8:1/8 [CH] Swisscom threatened with sanction for breaching cartel law with exclusive sports broadcasts
IRIS 2015-8:1/7 [CH] No recount in referendum on Radio and Television Act amendment
IRIS 2015-7:1/5 [CH] Close referendum result on universal broadcasting charge
IRIS 2015-4:1/1 European Court of Human Rights: Haldimann and Others v. Switzerland
IRIS 2015-1:1/9 [CH] More flexibility for regional radio and TV stations
IRIS 2014-10:1/6 [CH] Parliament adopts universal broadcasting charge
IRIS 2014-8:1/15 [CH] Swiss Government Wants To Modernise Copyright
IRIS 2014-8:1/14 [CH] Ständerat approves universal broadcasting charge
IRIS 2014-8:1/13 [CH] Nationalrat votes for network neutrality to be enshrined in legislation
IRIS 2014-8:1/12 [CH] Order On MEDIA Compensatory Measures
IRIS 2014-4:1/6 [CH] Federal Court Rules That Source Must Be Revealed After Drug Dealer Report
IRIS 2014-2:1/8 [CH] Appeal Court Fines Facebook User for Death Threat
IRIS 2014-2:1/7 [CH] Federal Court Orders SRG to Broadcast Advertising Spots Critical of SRG
IRIS 2014-2:1/1 European Court of Human Rights: Perinçek v. Switzerland
IRIS 2014-1:1/13 [CH] More Freedom for SSR’s Internet Offer
IRIS 2014-1:1/12 [CH] New Agreement on Cinematographic Coproduction with Luxembourg