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IRIS 2024-4:1/16 [RU] Ban on advertising revenues for “foreign agents”
IRIS 2024-3:1/20 European Court of Human Rights: Podchasov v. Russia and Škoberne v. Slovenia
IRIS 2023-7:1/12 [RU] Resolution of the Constitutional Court on the ban on “discrediting the Army”
IRIS 2023-3:1/23 European Court of Human Rights: OOO Mediafokus v. Russia
IRIS 2023-1:1/3 Four additional Russian media outlets added to the list of banned media in the EU
IRIS 2022-10:1/7 [RU] “Foreign agent media” list expanded
IRIS 2022-9:1/17 European Court of Human Rights: Sergey Sorokin v. Russia
IRIS 2022-8:1/29 European Court of Human Rights: Ecodefence and others v. Russia  
IRIS 2022-8:1/31 General Court judgment T-125/22 dismissing RT France's action for annulment of the Council's (EU) decision and regulation prohibiting broadcasting activities
IRIS 2022-8:1/32 [RU] New legal instruments against foreign media
IRIS 2022-7:1/13 [RU] Restrictions on payments to “unfriendly” rightsholders
IRIS 2022-5:1/9 [RU] Liability for violation of “truth protection”
IRIS 2022-5:1/19 European Court of Human Rights: OOO Memo v. Russia
IRIS 2022-4:1/2 European Court of Justice rejects RT France’s urgent application for lifting of EU sanctions
IRIS 2022-4:1/10 European Court of Human Rights: interim measure in ANO RID Novaya Gazeta and Others v. Russia
IRIS 2022-4:1/15 [RU] Copyright claims dismissed because of “Western sanctions”
IRIS 2022-3:1/1 [RU] Criminal liability for “false reports” and “harmful calls” expanded
IRIS 2022-3:1/3 [RU] Limiting freedom of the media in times of war
IRIS 2022-3:1/6 European Commission: Banning of Russia Today and Sputnik
IRIS 2022-3:1/7 European Court of Human Rights: Kilin v. Russia
IRIS 2021-10:1/1 [RU] Fines amass as social networks violate law
IRIS 2021-10:1/22 European Court of Human Rights: Volodina v. Russia (No. 2)
IRIS 2021-8:1/32 [RU] Foreign IT giants receive special law
IRIS 2021-7:1/26 European Commission: Decision to suspend broadcast of Rossiya RTR in Latvia compatible with AVMS Directive 
IRIS 2021-6:1/13 [RU] New fines for media and "false journalists"
IRIS 2021-4:1/1 [RU] "Foreign agents" fines prescribed and imposed
IRIS 2021-2:1/30 [RU] Increased penalties for the dissemination of information online
IRIS 2021-2:1/31 [RU] Rules established for journalists at public protests
IRIS 2021-2:1/32 [RU] Fines for Internet companies significantly increased
IRIS 2021-2:1/33 [RU] New rules on social networks: Blocking permitted
IRIS 2021-2:1/34 [RU] Scope of “Foreign Agents” Law expanded as first journalists labelled as “foreign agents”
IRIS 2021-1:1/1 [RU] Rules on labelling “foreign media agents” enforced
IRIS 2020-10:1/17 [RU] New legislation on infringing apps
IRIS 2020-9:1/18 ECtHR: OOO Regnum v. Russia
IRIS 2020-8:1/11 ECtHR: Vladimir Kharitonov v. Russia, OOO Flavus and Others v. Russia, Bulgakov v. Russia and Engels v. Russia
IRIS 2020-7:1/15 [RU] State Duma adopts draft law on the blocking of infringing content in mobile apps
IRIS 2020-6:1/6 [RU] Parliament and Supreme Court on false news in the context of COVID-19
IRIS 2020-5:1/19 [RU] Cinemas are included in the list of supported sectors
IRIS 2020-5:1/26 ECtHR: Basok v. Russia
IRIS 2020-1:1/32 Fashion TV: Bone of Contention in Russia