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IRIS 2015-3:1/27 [RU] Advertising Ban Amended to Excerpt Russian Entities
IRIS 2015-2:1/30 [RU] Personal data amendments enter into force sooner
IRIS 2015-1:1/36 [RU] New Act to Counteract Piracy Online
IRIS 2014-10:1/31 [RU] Act on the limitation of foreign ownership in the media
IRIS 2014-8:1/36 [RU] Anonymous access to internet denied
IRIS 2014-8:1/35 [RU] Personal data to be stored in Russia only
IRIS 2014-8:1/34 [RU] Advertising law changes to affect pay TV
IRIS 2014-7:1/1 European Court of Human Rights: Taranenko v. Russia
IRIS 2014-6:1/32 [RU] Restrictions on exhibition of movies
IRIS 2014-6:1/31 [RU] Bloggers’ law adopted
IRIS 2014-5:1/31 [RU] Rosbalt case at Supreme Court
IRIS 2014-3:1/40 [RU] Blocking Internet Allowed without Court Decision
IRIS 2013-8:1/34 [RU] New Rules to Protect Privacy and Reputation
IRIS 2013-8:1/33 [RU] Act to Counteract Video Piracy Online
IRIS 2013-8:1/32 [RU] Constitutional Court on Defamation Online
IRIS 2013-6:1/31 [RU] Decree on Must-Carry Channels Amended Again
IRIS 2013-1:1/34 [RU] Resolution of the Supreme Commercial Court on Transparency of Justice
IRIS 2012-9:1/37 [RU] Age Ratings for TV and Online Media Introduced
IRIS 2012-8:1/37 [RU] Advertising of Alcohol on Internet Totally Banned
IRIS 2012-8:1/36 [RU] New Rules for Internet
IRIS 2012-7:1/36 [RU] Social Network VKontakte Fined for Piracy
IRIS 2012-5:1/36 [RU] Decree on Public Broadcasting Signed
IRIS 2012-3:1/32 [RU] Supreme Court on Extremism and Terrorism-related Crimes in the Media
IRIS 2012-2:1/35 [RU] Licensing Rules Adopted by Government
IRIS 2011-8:1/10 Commonwealth of Independent States: Model Law on Internet Regulation
IRIS 2011-7:1/42 [RU] Regulation of Broadcasting and Internet now Part of Media Statute
IRIS 2011-7:1/41 [RU] Decree on Must-Carry Channels Amended
IRIS 2011-7:1/40 [RU] Decree Establishes Intellectual Property Governmental Service
IRIS 2011-6:1/26 [RU] Rules for Multiplexes Approved
IRIS 2011-5:1/39 [RU] Highest Court Rules on Copyright Infringement on Internet
IRIS 2011-5:1/2 OSCE: Regular Report of the Representative on Freedom of the Media to the Permanent Council
IRIS 2011-4:1/35 [RU] State Permits Cancelled, Watchdog for Collective Societies Abolished
IRIS 2011-4:1/34 [RU] Law on the Protection of Minors against Information Detrimental to their Health and Development Adopted
IRIS 2011-2:1/36 [RU] State Permits for Collective Societies Issued
IRIS 2011-1:1/46 [RU] Rules to Edit Readers’ Comments Online
IRIS 2010-9:1/10 Commonwealth of Independent States: Model Code on Intellectual Property
IRIS 2010-9:1/9 Commonwealth of Independent States: Model Statute to Protect Children
IRIS 2010-9:1/8 Commonwealth of Independent States: Model Statute to Fight Terrorism
IRIS 2010-9:1/7 Commonwealth of Independent States: Model Statute to Fight Extremism
IRIS 2010-6:1/40 [RU] Supreme Court on Media Law