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IRIS 2024-7:1/13 [GB] The Media Act becomes law
IRIS 2024-7:1/16 [GB] Fin-fluencers face legal action for promoting unauthorised high-risk investments on social media
IRIS 2024-6:1/17 [GB] GB News' "People’s Forum: The Prime Minister" breached Ofcom’s due impartiality rules
IRIS 2024-5:1/8 [GB] Ofcom opens investigation into breaches in OnlyFans' age estimation measure for users
IRIS 2024-5:1/18 [GB] Ofcom has concluded that five programmes on GB News featuring politicians acting as news presenters breached broadcasting due impartiality rules
IRIS 2024-4:1/24 [GB] New communications offences enacted by the Online Safety Act 2023
IRIS 2024-3:1/18 [GB] The House of Lords Communications and Digital Committee publishes its report on AI large language model
IRIS 2024-2:1/4 [UK] Government announces initiatives to assist regulation of AI and the House of Lords introduce the Artificial Intelligence (Regulation) Bill
IRIS 2024-2:1/12 [GB] The Media Bill passes House of Commons approval and awaits House of Lords scrutiny
IRIS 2024-1:1/8 [GB] GB News’ "Don’t Kill Cash" campaign breached Ofcom due impartiality rules
IRIS 2024-1:1/18 [GB] Ofcom Study on Audience Attitudes Towards TV Content
IRIS 2023-10:1/21 [GB] Ofcom determines GB News breached impartiality rules
IRIS 2023-9:1/6 [GB] Data protection regulator adopts a preliminary enforcement notice against Snap regarding the privacy risks posed by AI chatbot "My AI"
IRIS 2023-9:1/8 [GB] The UK’s Online Safety Bill moves forward on path to becoming law
IRIS 2023-8:1/14 [GB] Information Appeals Commissioner determines that BBC did not have to disclose commercially sensitive information that may prejudice a third-party contractor
IRIS 2023-8:1/28 [GB] People need advanced reading skills to understand UK VSPs’ terms and conditions, Ofcom research finds
IRIS 2023-8:1/29 [GB] Sky secures new High Court order to block illegal streams
IRIS 2023-7:1/14 [GB] Ofcom's enforcement programme into age assurance measures on UK-established adult VSPs - findings after six months of activity
IRIS 2023-6:1/3 [GB] The Digital Markets, Competition and Consumers Bill iintroduced into the House of Commons
IRIS 2023-6:1/14 [GB] The UK Government publishes a White Paper about the future regulation of Artificial Intelligence
IRIS 2023-6:1/23 Belgian, German, French, British and Cypriot media regulators form international working group on age verification
IRIS 2023-6:1/25 [GB] Repeal of the video-sharing platforms regime
IRIS 2023-6:1/26 [GB] Ofcom guidance to broadcasters on synthetic media
IRIS 2023-5:1/14 [GB] Ofcom issues new terms for the BBC’s operating licence to reflect changing habits of viewers and listeners
IRIS 2023-5:1/22 [GB] A first look into the UK’s draft Media Bill
IRIS 2023-4:1/8 [GB] Mark Steyn of GB News breaches Ofcom’s Rule 2.2 by presenting official COVID vaccine data in a materially misleading way
IRIS 2023-4:1/19 [GB] New Standards Code launched by IMPRESS with AI future-focused provisions and a revised discrimination threshold
IRIS 2023-3:1/12 [GB] Ofcom launches media literacy evaluation tookit
IRIS 2023-3:1/15 [GB] Ofcom launches second call for evidence as part of future role online safety regulator
IRIS 2023-2:1/14 [GB] Ofcom determines Glastonbury Festival’s Worthy FM 87.7 to have breached the Broadcasting Code for radio play of songs containing offensive language
IRIS 2023-2:1/16 [GB] Ofcom publishes research on viewers' attitudes to commercial references in TV programmes
IRIS 2023-1:1/15 [GB] Ofcom Opinion determines BBC News online article breached BBC Editorial Guidelines.
IRIS 2023-1:1/18 [GB] Ofcom reports on its first year of VSP regulation
IRIS 2022-10:1/12 [GB] UK Coroner orders major online platform to provide to his court their proposals to provide suitable self-regulation to prevent future teenage deaths from suicide.
IRIS 2022-10:1/17 [GB] DCMS report on influencer culture: no indication of a change of mood in the government response
IRIS 2022-9:1/16 [GB] Sky News broadcasts about a convicted criminal did not constitute an unwarranted infringement of his privacy
IRIS 2022-8:1/12 [GB] The Intellectual Property Enterprise Court determines that the ‘Del Boy’ character in Only Fools and Horses can be protected under copyright as a literary work
IRIS 2022-8:1/30 [GB] Broadcasters allowed to film from Crown Court sentencing hearings in England and Wales
IRIS 2022-7:1/14 [GB] High Court decides ‘Shape of You’ composer Ed Sheeran and his co-songwriters did not deliberately or subconsciously copy the song ‘Oh Why’
IRIS 2022-7:1/18 [GB] CMS report on influencer culture points to regulatory gaps and calls for reforms