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IRIS 2023-5:1/28 [FI] National measures for the transposition of the DSM Directive in force early April
IRIS 2020-1:1/2 The Council for Mass Media publishes dictum on the use of algorithms in journalism
IRIS 2019-2:1/8 [FI] Merger of Several Administrative Authorities
IRIS 2019-1:1/6 European Commission: Infringement proceedings concerning the transposition of the directive on the use of copyrighted printed material for blind and visually impaired people
IRIS 2018-8:1/19 [FI] Finnish government adopts a Media Policy Programme resolution
IRIS 2018-3:1/11 [FI] Several amendments to the legislation on electronic media
IRIS 2017-10:1/14 [FI] Decree on financial support for news and current affairs television content
IRIS 2017-8:1/1 European Court of Human Rights: Satakunnan Markkinapörssi Oy and Satamedia Oy v. Finland
IRIS 2017-4:1/14 [FI] New Act on Collective Management of Copyright
IRIS 2016-4:1/5 Court of Justice of the European Union: Court rules on TV advertising in the context of Finnish approaches to “split screens” and “black seconds”
IRIS 2016-1:1/2 European Court of Human Rights: Pentikäinen v. Finland
IRIS 2015-10:1/1 European Court of Human Rights: Niskasaari and Otavamedia Oy v. Finland
IRIS 2015-8:1/14 [FI] Amended provisions on confidentiality of sources
IRIS 2015-8:1/1 European Court of Human Rights: Satakunnan Markkinapörssi Oy and Satamedia Oy v. Finland
IRIS 2015-7:1/14 [FI] New provisions on reasonable contract terms in copyright assignments
IRIS 2015-7:1/13 [FI] Reintroduction of remuneration for “must-carry” retransmission
IRIS 2015-7:1/12 [FI] Amendments to the Copyright Act with regard to network recording services
IRIS 2015-7:1/11 [FI] Amended provisions on online injunctions in the Copyright Act
IRIS 2015-6:1/14 [FI] New system for compensating private copying
IRIS 2015-3:1/11 [FI] Entry into Force of the New Information Society Code
IRIS 2015-3:1/10 [FI] Proposed New Copyright Provisions on IPTV
IRIS 2015-2:1/15 [FI] New Copyright provisions for network recording services
IRIS 2014-7:1/2 European Court of Human Rights: Perinçek v. Switzerland and Pentikäinen v. Finland
IRIS 2014-6:1/21 [FR] Conventions Reinforce Presence of French Cinema in Other Countries
IRIS 2014-6:1/2 European Court of Human Rights: Salumäki v. Finland
IRIS 2014-4:1/2 European Court of Human Rights: Pentikäinen v. Finland
IRIS 2014-2:1/17 [FI] New Provisions on Extended Collective Licence for Archives
IRIS 2014-1:1/3 European Court of Human Rights: Ristamäki and Korvola v. Finland
IRIS 2013-1:1/18 [FI] ISP not Granted Leave to Appeal in The Pirate Bay Case
IRIS 2012-9:1/7 European Commission: Four Member States are Required to Provide Information on the Implementation of the AVMS Directive
IRIS 2012-7:1/21 [FI] Act on Audiovisual Programmes and Act on the Finnish Centre for Media Education and Audiovisual Media
IRIS 2012-7:1/20 [FI] Act concerning the Funding of Public Service Broadcasting
IRIS 2012-7:1/5 Position of the Nordic Consumer Ombudsmen on Marketing in Social Media
IRIS 2012-5:1/18 [FI] Proposal on Press Crimes, Unwanted Communication and Stalking
IRIS 2011-10:1/3 European Court of Human Rights : Karttunen v Finland
IRIS 2011-5:1/5 European Commission: The Commission Finishes the Preliminary Analysis of AVMS Implementation Measures
IRIS 2011-4:1/1 European Court of Human Rights: Yleisradio Oy a.o. v. Finland
IRIS 2010-10:1/28 [FI] Open WiFis and Criminal Liability
IRIS 2010-7:1/41 [FI] Torrent files, Sharing and Copyright in the Finreactor Case
IRIS 2010-6:1/26 [FI] Implementing the AVMSD Resulted in Amending the Finnish Copyright Act