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IRIS 2024-5:1/1 [ES] Adoption of decree on the regulation and identification of users of special relevance on video-sharing platforms
IRIS 2024-4:1/8 [ES] Telegram's future in Spain in doubt after lawsuit filed by dominant Spanish audiovisual groups
IRIS 2024-3:1/25 [ES] CNMC appointed as Digital Services Coordinator in Spain
IRIS 2024-2:1/17 [ES] The legal regime on content creators and influencers under criticism
IRIS 2024-2:1/30 [ES] Spain takes important steps to protect minors on the internet and social media
IRIS 2024-1:1/17 [ES] TikTok collaborates with the Spanish Data Protection Agency to control the dissemination of harmful content of social vulnerable groups
IRIS 2023-10:1/12 [ES] The Spanish National Commission on Markets and Competition agrees on the transfer of sensitive information to the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation regarding the obligations relating to the promotion of European audiovisual works
IRIS 2023-10:1/13 [ES] Concern about the exposure of minors to harmful audiovisual content increases in Spain but parental control is rarely implemented
IRIS 2023-9:1/18 [ES] The Spanish Government launches a consultation to promote the digital transformation of news media outlets
IRIS 2023-8:1/27 [ES] Spain's Central Electoral Commission urges RTVE to be extremely rigorous in its reporting during election periods
IRIS 2023-7:1/29 [ES] The Spanish video games industry experiences a 12% annual growth and reaffirms its strategic position
IRIS 2023-5:1/10 [ES] Spain initiates pre-investigative proceedings against OpenAI, owner of ChatGPT
IRIS 2023-5:1/23 [ES] The Spanish Congress launches the parliamentary processing of the new Cinema and Audiovisual Culture Law
IRIS 2023-3:1/28 [ES] Spanish government moves forward in approving measures to improve the labour conditions of artists
IRIS 2023-1:1/16 European Court of Human Rights: Mas Gavarró v. Spain 
IRIS 2022-10:1/4 [ES] Provisional measures on advertising during the broadcasting in Spain of the 2022 FIFA World Cup
IRIS 2022-10:1/15 European Court of Human Rights: Jorge López v. Spain
IRIS 2022-8:1/5 [ES] New General Law on Audiovisual Communication followed by public consultations
IRIS 2022-8:1/6 [ES] Ruling against Spanish Football League piracy
IRIS 2022-6:1/1 [ES] Transposition of AVMSD one step closer
IRIS 2022-4:1/8 [ES] conditions for the international commercialisation of the broadcasting rights of the Spanish football league under scrutiny
IRIS 2022-3:1/11 [ES] A new Draft Communication on the consideration of vloggers as audiovisual media service providers is open to comments
IRIS 2022-3:1/12 [ES] Audiovisual Media Services providers satisfactorily comply with quotas on cultural and linguistic diversity for 2020
IRIS 2021-10:1/4 [ES] Transposition of Copyright Directives
IRIS 2021-10:1/12 [ES] CNMC analyses proposals to market football broadcasting rights
IRIS 2021-9:1/4 [ES] Audiovisual service providers established in Spain comply with their obligations to finance European works
IRIS 2021-9:1/11 [ES] The CAC approves the report on the CCMA’s fulfillment of its public service missions in 2019
IRIS 2021-8:1/5 [ES] Regulator calls on RFEF to amend proposal for commercialising football audiovisual rights
IRIS 2021-8:1/31 [ES] Second Draft Law on Audiovisual Communication
IRIS 2021-7:1/7 European Commission: Spain needs to recover incompatible aid from certain DTT operators
IRIS 2021-6:1/11 [ES] RTVE interview violated the principles of informative neutrality and equality
IRIS 2021-6:1/33 [ES] Audiovisual media service providers meet European film and series funding ratios for 2019
IRIS 2021-5:1/25 [ES] New agreement for the promotion of co-regulation concerning commercial communications on television
IRIS 2021-4:1/20 [ES] Supreme Court finds that the Catalan PSB failed to comply with principles of news neutrality and pluralism during elections
IRIS 2021-4:1/3 [ES] A bullfighter’s performance is not copyrightable
IRIS 2021-3:1/3 [ES] National Commission for Markets and Competition sanctions Atresmedia and Mediaset
IRIS 2021-1:1/3 [ES] First Draft Law on Audiovisual Communication
IRIS 2020-10:1/1 [ES] CNMC launches public consultation on the application of media service providers regulation to VSPs
IRIS 2020-7:1/1 [ES] Pre-financing obligation regulated by the Spanish Audiovisual Law boosts the production of TV series
IRIS 2020-7:1/29 [ES] COVID-19 Guidelines for safety in film productions issued by ICAA