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IRIS 1998-6:1/6 Council of Europe: Russia Ratifies European Convention on Human Rights
IRIS 1998-3:1/15 [RU] Bill on a “High Council for Ethics and Morals in the Field of the Film, Television and Radio” Passes First Reading
IRIS 1998-2:1/18 [RU] Bill on the All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company
IRIS 1998-2:1/17 [RU] Broadcasting Act Given First Reading
IRIS 1998-2:1/5 European Union: Conclusion of two New Co-operation Agreements with the Russian Federation and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
IRIS 1998-1:1/18 [KZ] New Governmental Body to Monitor Mass Media
IRIS 1998-1:1/13 [RU] Judicial Chamber Rules on Presumption of Innocence
IRIS 1997-10:1/15 [RU] Decree on the Establishment of a Cultural TV Channel
IRIS 1997-10:1/11 [RU] Election Campaigning Regulated in New Law
IRIS 1997-9:1/16 Russia: Bill on the Right to Information Passes in First Reading
IRIS 1997-8:1/22 [RU] New Criminal Code on Copyright and Computerised Information
IRIS 1997-8:1/3 [RU] Law on the International Exchange of Information
IRIS 1997-4:1/24 [RU] Bill to limit the circulation of sexually explicit products, services and performances
IRIS 1996-7:1/32 RECTIFICATION: Wrong listing of when States became Party to the Convention relating to the distribution of programme-carrying signals transmitted by satellite (IRIS 1996-5: 8)
IRIS 1996-7:1/11 [RU] The Court responsible for information disputes gives judgment
IRIS 1996-7:1/7 State of Signatures and Ratifications of the European Conventions that are relevant to the audiovisual sector - Update 1
IRIS 1996-5:1/11 [RU] Amendment of copyright legislation
IRIS 1996-4:1/6 More agreements with non-member countries on intellectual property
IRIS 1996-3:1/16 [RU] New Statutes to Support the Press
IRIS 1996-1:1/21 [RU] New advertising law now available in English
IRIS 1996-1:1/15 [RU] Two decisions on privacy protection by the Judicial Chamber on Information Disputes
IRIS 1995-10:1/14 [RU] Regulations Governing Election Campaigns in State Mass Media
IRIS 1995-9:1/20 [TJ] Draft Statute on Television and Radio
IRIS 1995-9:1/17 [RU] New Advertising Law
IRIS 1995-9:1/13 [RU] Decision of the Judicial Chamber against the Publishing of an Article in Moskovskaia Pravda
IRIS 1995-4:1/13 [RU] Privacy Protection, Libel and Defamation Incorporated in New Civil Code
IRIS 1995-3:1/15 [RU] New Rules on Advertising Distribution
IRIS 1995-2:1/17 [RU] Draft Statute on State Support for the Mass Media - Part 2
IRIS 1995-1:1/30 [RU] Recommendation of the Judicial Chamber for Information Disputes on the legal nature of ITAR-TASS materials
IRIS 1995-1:1/29 [RU] Draft Statute on State Support for the Mass Media
IRIS 1995-1:1/28 [RU] Draft Statute on Radio and Television Broadcasting