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IRIS 2004-1:1/31 [RU] Constitutional Court Amends Election Law
IRIS 2003-9:1/30 [RU] Changes in the Mass-media Law
IRIS 2003-6:1/29 [RU] Order to Hold MMDS Competitions
IRIS 2003-4:1/35 [RU] Regulation on Access to Information
IRIS 2002-8:1/32 [RU] How to Prevent Extremism in Mass Media
IRIS 2002-8:1/20 [RU] Changes in Election Law Concern Broadcast Media
IRIS 2002-6:1/34 [RU] Code on Administrative Offences Adopted
IRIS 2002-5:1/26 [RU] Statute on Martial Law and Freedom of Information
IRIS 2002-2:1/33 [RU] Criminal Procedure Code Contains new Provision concerning Mass Media
IRIS 2002-1:1/23 [RU] Cinematography Deprived of its Tax Benefits
IRIS 2001-9:1/38 [RU] Act on State of Emergency Permits Censorship
IRIS 2001-9:1/26 [RU] Statute Prohibits Showing Smoking on Television
IRIS 2001-9:1/25 [RU] Statute Limiting Foreign Ownership of TV Enters into Force
IRIS 2001-8:1/34 [RU] Supreme Court Cancels Government's Regulation
IRIS 2001-6:1/41 [RU] Finance Ministry Reduces Advertising Tax Rate
IRIS 2001-5:1/17 [RU] Cinematography's Sphere Reorganized
IRIS 2001-3:1/23 [RU] Bill on Amendments to the Advertising Law
IRIS 2000-10:1/19 [RU] The Supreme Court of Russian Federation Partially Cancels the Decree on SORM
IRIS 2000-9:1/36 [RU] Mass Media Act Amended Again
IRIS 2000-9:1/35 [RU] Doctrine of Informational Security Adopted
IRIS 2000-8:1/29 [RU] Russia's Chief Communications Executive Authority Is Upgraded
IRIS 2000-8:1/25 [RU] Internet Control Decree
IRIS 2000-7:1/34 [RU] Mass Media Act Amended through New Ban
IRIS 2000-4:1/21 [RU] Ministry Adopts Regulations of the Federal Competition Commission on Broadcasting
IRIS 2000-4:1/20 [RU] The Presidential Election Followed The New Law on Presidential Elections
IRIS 2000-1:1/34 [RU] Administrative Responsibility of Juridical Persons for Violation of Electoral Legislation
IRIS 1999-9:1/17 [RU] Charter of the Federal Commission for the Issue of Broadcasting Licences Approved
IRIS 1999-9:1/16 [RU] Government Determined the Authority of the New Ministry of the Press, Broadcasting and Mass Communication
IRIS 1999-8:1/12 [RU] New Regulation on Licensing in the Field of Broadcasting on Competition Basis
IRIS 1999-6:1/18 [RU] New Election and Referendum Act
IRIS 1999-6:1/17 [RU] Regulations on conducting a Tender Procedure for the use of Radio Frequencies for the Allocation of Television Programmes using the MMDS, LMDS and MVDS Systems
IRIS 1999-4:1/15 [RU] Bill on Particularities of Disposition of the Shares of the Stock Company
IRIS 1999-4:1/11 [RU]  Judicial Chamber Concludes that TV Listings are not Advertising
IRIS 1999-2:1/18 [RU] The Federal Service for Television and Radio Broadcasting Increases Control over Broadcasters
IRIS 1999-2:1/17 [RU] Tax Breaks for National Film Industry
IRIS 1999-2:1/11 [RU] Licensing Authority Keen to Protect Film Producers' Copyright Defeated in Court
IRIS 1999-1:1/12 [RU] Court Rules TV Listings Not Copyrighted
IRIS 1998-10:1/16 [RU] New Licensing Act Is Adopted
IRIS 1998-9:1/21 [RU] Statutes Supporting the Press to be Extended
IRIS 1998-6:1/18 [RU] Bill “On State Protection of Moral Health and on Stronger Control over the Use of Products of Sexual Character” Passed Second Reading