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IRIS 2023-7:1/25 European Court of Human Rights: Mesić v. Croatia (no. 2)
IRIS 2023-4:1/22 European Court of Human Rights : Croatian Radio-Television v. Croatia
IRIS 2022-4:1/32 [HR] New Electronic Media Act
IRIS 2021-5:1/5 European Court of Human Rights: Bon v Croatia
IRIS 2021-2:1/23 European Court of Human Rights: Tölle v. Croatia
IRIS 2021-1:1/28 [HR] New Law on Electronic Media (proposal no. 62) sent to Parliament
IRIS 2020-9:1/17 ECtHR: N.Š. v. Croatia
IRIS 2020-1:1/5 European Court of Human Rights: Vučina v. Croatia
IRIS 2019-1:1/24 [HR] Hate speech in the media: scale, stakeholders and approaches
IRIS 2018-9:1/24 [HR] HAKOM monitors interference to domestic TV and radio signals
IRIS 2018-9:1/23 [HR] New law on audiovisual activities
IRIS 2018-9:1/22 [HR] Constitutional Court decision on CRTA's conformity with the Constitution
IRIS 2018-7:1/21 [HR] Campaign “For Higher Visibility of Women’s Sports in Electronic Media”
IRIS 2018-4:1/26 [HR] Safer Internet Day
IRIS 2018-4:1/25 [HR] The Electronic Media Council calls for the reduction of intolerant and offensive speech in the media
IRIS 2018-1:1/30 [HR] Digital experimental broadcasting
IRIS 2018-1:1/29 [HR] Croatian competition agency blocks sale of Nova TV to Unity Media
IRIS 2017-10:1/21 [HR] National programme for the promotion of audiovisual creativity 2017-2021
IRIS 2017-8:1/27 [HR] Regulator publishes minimum standards for DVBT-2 reception
IRIS 2016-10:1/15 [HR] Recommendations for the protection of children and the safe use of electronic media
IRIS 2016-8:1/20 [HR] New portal for media literacy
IRIS 2016-1:1/17 [HR] "Let's choose what we watch"
IRIS 2015-8:1/18 [HR] Rules on ceding unutilised exclusive rights
IRIS 2015-5:1/18 [HR] CEM adopts new rules on the protection of minors in electronic media
IRIS 2013-8:1/38 [HR] Act Amending the Electronic Media Act
IRIS 2013-8:1/24 [HR] New Rules on Fee Amounts and Manners of Payment
IRIS 2012-10:1/16 [HR] CEM Imposes Fines on Croatian Broadcasters
IRIS 2012-9:1/27 [HR] Parliament Adopts Amendment to the Croatian Radio-Television Act
IRIS 2011-10:1/24 [HR] Act Amending the Electronic Media Act
IRIS 2011-5:1/2 OSCE: Regular Report of the Representative on Freedom of the Media to the Permanent Council
IRIS 2011-3:1/23 [HR] New Croatian Radio Television Law
IRIS 2010-9:1/30 [HR] New Media Rules
IRIS 2010-3:1/29 [HR] The New Electronic Media Law
IRIS 2009-9:1/18 [HR] Law Amending the Electronic Media Law
IRIS 2009-6:1/21 [HR] The Draft Law on Electronic Media
IRIS 2009-4:1/17 [HR] Rules on the Switchover to Digital Broadcasting
IRIS 2009-1:1/23 [HR] Rulebook on TV Broadcasters for the Purpose of the Protection of Minors
IRIS 2008-10:1/20 [HR] EU MEDIA 2007 Programme
IRIS 2008-9:1/21 [HR] Strategy of TV-programmes Transition from Analogue to Digital Broadcasting
IRIS 2008-7:1/22 [HR] Rulebook on Television Broadcasting Acts for the Protection of Minors