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IRIS 2010-4:1/39 [RU] Government Adopts Plan for Digital Switch-over
IRIS 2010-2:1/32 [RU] Statute on Cinematography Amended to Attract Foreign Investments
IRIS 2010-1:1/1 European Court of Human Rights: Case of Pasko v. Russia
IRIS 2009-10:1/26 [RU] Government Adopts Pre-plan for Digital Switch-over
IRIS 2009-10:1/25 [RU] Must-carry Channels Approved by President
IRIS 2009-8:1/29 [RU] Draft Law on the Protection of Minors against Information Detrimental to their Health and Development
IRIS 2009-8:1/28 [RU] Warning to Broadcaster Annulled
IRIS 2009-7:1/32 [RU] Equal Rights Law Passed
IRIS 2009-3:1/32 [RU] Transparency of Courts to Be Strengthened
IRIS 2009-3:1/31 [RU] Access to Information Law Adopted
IRIS 2009-2:1/35 The Legal Status of the Producer of Audiovisual Works in the Russian Federation
IRIS 2008-8:1/32 [RU] New Statute to Curb Foreign Investments in Media
IRIS 2008-6:1/25 [RU] Executive Control over Media Restructured
IRIS 2008-3:1/1 European Court of Human Rights: Case of Filatenko v. Russia
IRIS 2008-2:1/35 Transformation of Authors’ Rights and Neighbouring Rights in Russia
IRIS 2008-2:1/29 [RU] Regulations of the Licensing Body Amended
IRIS 2008-2:1/28 [RU] New Concept to Develop Broadcasting
IRIS 2008-2:1/1 OSCE: Representative on Freedom of the Media - Report to OSCE Permanent Council
IRIS 2007-9:1/27 [RU] Anti-extremism Amendments
IRIS 2007-8:1/38 Committee of Ministers: Media-specific Provisions in New Resolutions on Minorities
IRIS 2007-8:1/32 [RU] Violation of Intellectual Property is Now a Grave Crime
IRIS 2007-7:1/30 [RU] Emergence of the Super Authority in the Broadcasting Sector
IRIS 2007-1:1/31 [RU] Part Four of Civil Code about to Be Adopted
IRIS 2007-1:1/30 [RU] Electoral Campaigning Rules Modified
IRIS 2006-10:1/29 [RU] Statute on Personal Data Adopted
IRIS 2006-8:1/28 [RU] Supreme Court on Copyright and Neighbouring Rights
IRIS 2006-6:1/4 European Commission against Racism and Intolerance: Media Provisions in New Country Reports on Racism
IRIS 2006-5:1/33 [RU] New Rules for Fighting Terrorism
IRIS 2006-4:1/34 [RU] New Advertising Statute
IRIS 2005-9:1/1 European Court of Human Rights: Case of Grinberg v. Russia
IRIS 2005-8:1/30 [RU] Concept Paper to Develop Broadcasting Through 2015
IRIS 2005-4:1/30 [RU] Supreme Court on Defamation
IRIS 2004-10:1/84 [IT-RU] Films Co-Production Agreement between Italy and Russia
IRIS 2004-10:1/76 [ES-RU] Films Co-Production Agreement between Spain and Russia
IRIS 2004-10:1/69 [FR-RU] Films Co-Production Agreement between France and Russia
IRIS 2004-8:1/28 [RU] Beer Advertising Restricted
IRIS 2004-8:1/27 [RU] Statute on Copyright and Neighbouring Rights Amended
IRIS 2004-8:1/26 [RU] Administrative Reform Makes New Turn
IRIS 2004-8:1/25 [RU] New Statute on Referenda Adopted
IRIS 2004-5:1/22 [RU] New Structure of Regulatory Bodies