[CY] The law of the Public Service Media to incorporate provisions of the Directive 2018/1808/EU

IRIS 2021-9:1/18

Christophoros Christophorou

Council of Europe expert in Media and Elections

A draft law, amending Chapter 300A of the Law on the Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation, is under discussion in the parliamentary committee on Internal Affairs of the House of Representatives. The draft law would transpose into the law of the public service media (Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation — CyBC) provisions of the new AVMS Directive 2018/1808/EU, as well as introducing other changes.

The main sections of the European Directive that would be incorporated into CyBC's law are the following:

New and amended definitions. Advertising, their distinction from programmes, their timing, duration, placement and prohibited products from advertising. Rules governing the content of advertising in respect of human rights, non-discrimination and the protection of children. Rules on product placement. Access to programmes for persons with disabilities. CyBC's contribution and role in media education, in cooperation with the Radio Television Authority. Programmes provided by and obligations of CyBC in respect of human rights, the protection of minors and their personal data, and the use of means that can ensure the attainment of these goals.

Special rules relating to the advertising of children's toys, of gambling and betting services are also included in the draft law. They refer to the timing, the duration and the content of such advertising, as well as to rules they must respect in order to protect minors. The Authority is vested with special powers to monitor and to request the immediate withdrawal of advertisements that may be considered to impair the safety and or development of children.


This article has been published in IRIS Legal Observations of the European Audiovisual Observatory.