[IT] Decree establishing the Commission for the classification of cinematographic works

IRIS 2021-5:1/22

Francisco Javier Cabrera Blázquez

European Audiovisual Observatory

On 2 April 2021, the Italian Minister of Culture, Dario Franceschini, signed the decree establishing the Commission for the classification of cinematographic works at the General Directorate for Cinema of the Ministry of Culture. This Commission will be in charge of verifying the correct classification of cinematographic works by distributors and producers in accordance with the Legislative Decree No. 203 of 7 December 2017 (see IRIS 2018-2/24). In the words of the Minister, with this decree, "film censorship has been abolished and the system of controls and interventions that still allowed the State to intervene in the freedom of artists has been definitively left behind". The Commission is chaired by the President Emeritus of the Council of State, Alessandro Pajno, and is made up of 49 members chosen from among experts of proven professionalism and competence in the film sector and in pedagogical-educational aspects connected to the protection of minors or in social communication, as well as designated by parents' associations and animal protection associations.


  • Communicato stampa dal Ministero della Cultura, "Cinema, Franceschini: abolita definitivamente la censura cinematografica", 5 Aprile 2021
  • Press release of the Ministry of Culture, 5 April 2021

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