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IRIS index of the year 2019 - Issue 7

Do you know our newsletter IRIS Legal Observations of the European Audiovisual Observatory? This IRIS Merlin page allows you to call up the indexes of the various IRIS newsletter issues either by issue or by year.
What's more, the full text of each article listed can be accessed with a simple click of the mouse.

 Christchurch summit in Paris calls for stronger action against terrorist content onlinen°7, n.2
 EBU publishes position papers on the interpretation and application of new AVMSD rulesn°7, n.5
 European Court of Human Rights: Kablis v. Russian°7, n.1
 European Commission: High-Level Expert Group on Artificial Intelligence publishes Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy AIn°7, n.3
 European Commission: Creative Europe MEDIA publishes an overview of good gender practicesn°7, n.4
 [CZ] Broadcasting Council issues bias finen°7, n.6
 [DE] Courts decide on NPD European election adsn°7, n.7
 [DE] International online platform liable for copyright infringementn°7, n.8
 [DE] New online rules for public service broadcasters enter into forcen°7, n.9
 [DE] KJM invalidates FSM’s assessment of “JusProg” youth protection systemn°7, n.10
 [DE] KJM approves Sky’s “Family Feature” as technical system for protecting young people in the median°7, n.11
 [ES] Fiscal and labour measures for the protection of creators and artistsn°7, n.12
 [FR] Broadcast of a report on events covered by proceedings in the criminal courts - Conseil d’État upholds notice served by CSA on France Télévisionsn°7, n.13
 [FR] First urgent application to block dissemination of a tweet under the Act on combating the manipulation of informationn°7, n.14
 [FR] Decision by Competition Authority on historic channels’ exercise of preferential rights for films originally made in Frenchn°7, n.15
 [FR] Towards a new chapter for public film policy?n°7, n.16
 [FR] Social network regulation taskforce presents its reportn°7, n.17
 [GB] The Supreme Court considers how alleged defamatory words in a Facebook post are interpreted by the hypothetical readern°7, n.18
 [GB] Prince Harry accepts damages from paparazzi agency over helicopter snaps of his homen°7, n.19
 [GB] Age-appropriate designn°7, n.20
 [IT] AGCOM sets forth new guidelines defining the restrictions on gambling and betting advertisementsn°7, n.21
 [NL] Dutch broadcaster not liable for infringing former mayor’s right to private lifen°7, n.22
 [NL] Media authority to work more closely with Data protection authorityn°7, n.23
 [RU] Supreme Court on Copyrightn°7, n.24

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