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IRIS index of the year 2019 - Issue 1

Do you know our newsletter IRIS Legal Observations of the European Audiovisual Observatory? This IRIS Merlin page allows you to call up the indexes of the various IRIS newsletter issues either by issue or by year.
What's more, the full text of each article listed can be accessed with a simple click of the mouse.

 European Court of Human Rights: E.S. v. Austrian°1, n.1
 European Court of Human Rights: Annen (No. 6) v. Germanyn°1, n.2
 Council of the EU: Publication of the Revised AVMSD in the Official Journaln°1, n.3
 European Commission: Proposal for a Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council on preventing the dissemination of terrorist content onlinen°1, n.4
 European Commission: Walt Disney Company’s proposed acquisition of 21st Century Fox approved subject to conditionsn°1, n.5
 European Commission: Infringement proceedings concerning the transposition of the directive on the use of copyrighted printed material for blind and visually impaired peoplen°1, n.6
 Online platforms and the advertising industry deliver EU Code of Practice on disinformationn°1, n.7
 Unesco: IGF 2018 delivers key messages to address Internet governance challengesn°1, n.8
 [BE] CSA opinion on “must-carry” rules in French-speaking Belgiumn°1, n.9
 [BG] Disclosure of ownership and funding of media service providersn°1, n.10
 [CZ] The Supreme Administrative Court upheld the finen°1, n.11
 [DE] Federal Supreme Court decides that YouTube promotional channels and videos are not audiovisual media servicesn°1, n.12
 [DE] Berlin Administrative Court decides Bild live streams are not broadcastingn°1, n.13
 [DE] Media authorities publish guidelines on labelling of influencer marketingn°1, n.14
 [FR] Laws to combat manipulation of information finally adoptedn°1, n.15
 [FR] Signing of agreement between cinema organisations and Canal+ paves the way for new media chronologyn°1, n.16
 [FR] CSA orders Canal Plus to broadcast messagen°1, n.17
 [FR] CSA publishes its annual report on the application of its Food Charter n°1, n.19
 [FR] Molotov TV: HADOPI delivers opinion on the private copying exception for television programmes reproduced by remote accessn°1, n.18
 [GB] The High Court determines jurisdiction in online trademark infringement casen°1, n.20
 [GB] Channel 5 News held in breach by Ofcom for newscaster inaccurately reporting facts and the broadcaster not correcting the error in a timely manner.n°1, n.21
 [GB] TV ad ruling overturned after reviewn°1, n.22
 [GB] The Law Commission publishes report on abusive and offensive online communicationsn°1, n.23
 [HR] Hate speech in the media: scale, stakeholders and approachesn°1, n.24
 [IE] Referendum removes blasphemy from Irish Constitution  n°1, n.25
 [IE] Complaint on court report in news programme upheld in partn°1, n.26
 [IT] New rules on theatrical windows for Italian moviesn°1, n.27
 [IT] Competition Authority finds collecting society SIAE abused its dominant positionn°1, n.28
 [NL] Dutch State liable for statements made by former State Secretary about downloading from illegal sourcesn°1, n.29
 [NL] Professional online influencer mother must not feature children in contentn°1, n.30
 [RO] New modifications of the Audiovisual Lawn°1, n.31
 [RO] New members of the National Audiovisual Counciln°1, n.32
 [RU] Co-regulation on copyright protection online launchedn°1, n.33

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