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IRIS index of the year 2019 - Issue 5

Do you know our newsletter IRIS Legal Observations of the European Audiovisual Observatory? This IRIS Merlin page allows you to call up the indexes of the various IRIS newsletter issues either by issue or by year.
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 European Court of Human Rights: Høiness v. Norwayn°5, n.2
 European Parliament: Directive on copyright and online transmissions of broadcasting organisations and retransmissions of television and radio programmesn°5, n.3
 OSCE: Tallinn Guidelines on National Minorities and the Media in the Digital Agen°5, n.1
 [DE] Federal Administrative Court submits questions to CJEU about broadcasting contribution payment methodsn°5, n.4
 [DE] Higher Administrative Court rules on the significance of spectrum scarcity for allocation decisionsn°5, n.5
 [DE] Court prohibits arbitrary changes to pay-TV programme packagen°5, n.6
 [DE] Ban on TV, radio and Internet advertising for online casinos confirmedn°5, n.7
 [DE] Bundestag votes for draft Trade Secrets Actn°5, n.8
 [ES] Constitutional Court of Spain rules out the use of hidden cameras for journalistic purposesn°5, n.9
 [ES] Spanish Court shuts down “stream-ripping” websitesn°5, n.10
 [ES] Decisions concerning information neutrality during election campaignsn°5, n.11
 [ES] Amendment to the Spanish Intellectual Property Lawn°5, n.12
 [FR] Political pluralism on television, European elections and editorial freedomn°5, n.13
 [FR] Conseil d’État confirms “12” rating for film “Sausage Party”n°5, n.14
 [FR] Proposed legislation on on-line hate to be debated in parliament soonn°5, n.15
 [FR] CNC presents the first section of its “Series Plan”n°5, n.16
 [GB] Local TV twice breached Ofcom’s Rule 9.5 by giving undue prominence to commercial businesses without editorial justifcationn°5, n.17
 [GB] Government responds to its Call for Evidence on the impact of social media on the administration of justicen°5, n.18
 [IT] Court of Cassation rules on ISPs’ liability in RTI v. Yahoo! casen°5, n.19
 [NL] Statements by a political party about “wrong real estate bosses” on a website and Facebook page were not unlawfuln°5, n.20
 [NL] Cookie walls: Dutch Privacy Authority declares that websites must remain accessible if tracking cookies are refusedn°5, n.21
 [RO] The Audiovisual Law modification promulgatedn°5, n.22
 [RO] Audiovisual rules for the 2019 European Parliament elections in Romanian°5, n.23
 [RU] False information amendments maden°5, n.24
 [RU] Disrespectful information bannedn°5, n.25

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