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IRIS index of the year 2019 - Issue 8

Do you know our newsletter IRIS Legal Observations of the European Audiovisual Observatory? This IRIS Merlin page allows you to call up the indexes of the various IRIS newsletter issues either by issue or by year.
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 European Court of Human Rights: Brzeziński v. Polandn°8, n.1
 Court of Justice of the European Union: Sampling allowed, subject to restrictionsn°8, n.2
 Court of Justice of the European Union: Pay-to-view restriction on foreign TV channel now permissiblen°8, n.3
 Court of Justice of the European Union: Freedom of information and freedom of the press in relation to the Copyright Directiven°8, n.4
 Court of Justice of the European Union: ECJ on use of works in the reporting of current eventsn°8, n.5
 European Commission: Vodafone/Liberty Global cable deal cleared, subject to certain conditionsn°8, n.6
 OSCE: Legal analysis on draft proposals to regulate electronic publications in Albanian°8, n.7
 [AT] FPÖ video on "E-Card abuse" is discriminatoryn°8, n.8
 [BE] Major step forward in the development of DAB+ digital radio servicesn°8, n.9
 [CY] Amendments for harmonising the Law on Radio and Television Organisations with the AVMS Directiven°8, n.10
 [CY] Amendments for harmonising the Law on Public Service Media and the Cyprus Broadcasting Corporationn°8, n.11
 [CY] Extension of Television Temporary Licences for one Year to June 2020n°8, n.12
 [DE] Federal Constitutional Court on the difference between expression of an opinion and defamatory criticismn°8, n.13
 [DE] ‘StreamOn’ injunction confirmedn°8, n.14
 [DE] Federal Office for Justice fines Facebookn°8, n.15
 [ES] Acquittal of the four persons responsible for the largest pirated website in Spainn°8, n.16
 [ES] Intellectual Property Commission orders the blocking of infringing websitesn°8, n.17
 [ES] Using a domain name for the purpose of selling it to the owner of a trademark is forbiddenn°8, n.18
 [FR] Publication of controversial legislation creating a "GAFA tax"n°8, n.19
 [FR] National Assembly adopts online hate speech billn°8, n.20
 [FR] Next steps towards transposing Copyright Directive into French law through the Audiovisual Reform Billn°8, n.22
 [FR] Neighbouring rights: France is the first country to transpose the European Copyright Directiven°8, n.21
 [GB] RT fined GBP 200 000 for breach of due impartiality rules but broadcaster challenges decisionn°8, n.23
 [GB] Ofcom publishes two reports concerning public service broadcastersn°8, n.24
 [GB] Advertising Standards Authority enforces new ad rulen°8, n.25
 [GB] UK Regulator Expands Media Literacy Activitiesn°8, n.26
 [IE] Communications minister publishes Broadcasting Amendment Bill and announces reform of TV licence fee systemn°8, n.27
 [IE] Broadcasting Authority publishes submission to public consultationn°8, n.28
 [IS] The national lottery draw on the Icelandic National Broadcasting Service: Advertisement but not sponsored contentn°8, n.29
 [IT] Dailymotion not protected by the E-Commerce Directiven°8, n.30
 [IT] Italian DPA issues EUR 1 million fines against Facebook over Cambridge Analytica scandaln°8, n.31
 [NL] Online news platform entitled to Copyright Act exception on portraitsn°8, n.32
 [NL] Targeted television advertising by KPN is permissible under the Media Actn°8, n.33
 [RO] Modification of the Audiovisual Coden°8, n.34
 [RO] National Audiovisual Council - focus on very sensitive casesn°8, n.35
 [TR] Regulation on Radio, Television, and Optional Broadcasting Services provided on the Internet entered into forcen°8, n.36

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