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IRIS index of the year 2017 - Issue 5

Do you know our newsletter IRIS Legal Observations of the European Audiovisual Observatory? This IRIS Merlin page allows you to call up the indexes of the various IRIS newsletter issues either by issue or by year.
What's more, the full text of each article listed can be accessed with a simple click of the mouse.

 European Court of Human Rights: Rolf Anders Daniel Pihl v. Swedenn°5, n.3
 Court of Justice of the European Union: AKM v. Zürs.netn°5, n.4
 European Commission: Consultation on significant market power guidelinesn°5, n.5
 United Nations: Joint declaration on freedom of expression and “fake News”, disinformation, and propagandan°5, n.1
 United Nations: New Resolution on the right to privacy in the digital agen°5, n.2
 [AL] Regulator concerned about practices of advertising spots in audiovisual median°5, n.6
 [BA] Work of Parliament blocked, financial disaster for the public servicen°5, n.7
 [BG] Taking advantage of a stronger position during negotiations for the distribution of ‘bTV Media Group’ Ltd. programmesn°5, n.8
 [BG] Violations of the Election Coden°5, n.9
 [DE] Licence fee also applies to second homesn°5, n.10
 [DE] Cable providers must treat private broadcasters equallyn°5, n.11
 [DE] Internet streaming of World Handball Championships required authorisationn°5, n.12
 [ES] CAC denounces two child pornography websites to the prosecutor and the policen°5, n.13
 [ES] CAC issues new general instruction regulating the Registry of audiovisual media services providersn°5, n.14
 [FR] Legal remedy sought by presidential election candidate wishing to take part in TV debaten°5, n.15
 [FR] Base for tax on advertising broadcast by TV channels found unconstitutionaln°5, n.16
 [FR] Application for suspension of licence to show subtitled original and French dubbed version of the film ‘Sausage Party’ to under-12sn°5, n.17
 [FR] Change in scheme for television channels contributing to audiovisual productionn°5, n.18
 [FR] Publication of Decree laying down rules applicable to the new ethical committee at each national public-sector audiovisual companyn°5, n.19
 [GB] Referral of Sky bid on media plurality groundsn°5, n.20
 [GB] Ofcom clears Sky news of “fake news” accusation and UK Parliamentary committee investigates the effect of “fake news”n°5, n.21
 [GB] Ofcom’s new rules on elections and referendumsn°5, n.22
 [GB] Ofcom becomes the BBC’s first independent external regulatorn°5, n.23
 [IE] High Court rules on order to reveal Facebook user’s identityn°5, n.24
 [IE] New General Commercial Communications Coden°5, n.25
 [IT] Italian Administrative Court dismissed all appeals against AGCOM copyright regulationn°5, n.26
 [IT] Legislative proposal on fake newsn°5, n.27
 [IT] AGCOM resolution on relevant markets in audiovisual media services sectorn°5, n.28
 [PL] Polish telecommunications company cautioned for anti-competitive advertisingn°5, n.29
 [RO] Modifications of the conditions for issuing and amending the notice of retransmissionn°5, n.30

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