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IRIS index of the year 2018 - Issue 9

Do you know our newsletter IRIS Legal Observations of the European Audiovisual Observatory? This IRIS Merlin page allows you to call up the indexes of the various IRIS newsletter issues either by issue or by year.
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 European Court of Human Rights: Gîrleanu v. Romanian°9, n.1
 European Court of Human Rights: Egill Einarsson v. Iceland (No. 2)n°9, n.2
 European Court of Human Rights: Savva Terentyev v. Russian°9, n.3
 Court of Justice of the European Union: Online publication of a photograph is a new communication to the publicn°9, n.4
 International Organisation of La Francophonie: Launch of a practical guide on combating hate-speech in the audiovisual median°9, n.6
 Special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms while countering terrorism: Facebook’s ‘terrorism’ definition is too broadn°9, n.5
 [AL] Commercial operators propose an amendment entitling them to public funds from the licence feen°9, n.7
 [CH] New rules for SRG: more public service, no targeted advertisingn°9, n.8
 [CY] Advertising ban on public service media provider CyBCn°9, n.9
 [DE] BGH refers questions to ECJ concerning YouTube’s liability for copyright breachesn°9, n.10
 [ES] CNMC requires two broadcasters to ensure that their magazine programmes and gatherings comply with the Audiovisual Lawn°9, n.11
 [FR] Does the special scheme granted to the INA for using audiovisual archives comply with Directive 2001/29 on copyright?n°9, n.12
 [FR] CSA warning letter cannot be appealedn°9, n.14
 [FR] Paris Première warned by CSA following incitement to racial and religious hatredn°9, n.15
 [FR] First steps towards parity in the film industryn°9, n.16
 [FR] CSA adopts 20 proposals to reform audiovisual regulationn°9, n.17
 [FR] Civil actions relating to literary and artistic property: clarification of regional courts’ exclusive jurisdictionn°9, n.13
 [GB] Ofcom decision regarding the undue product placement of two broadcasters during coverage of F1 Singapore GPn°9, n.18
 [GB] Ofcom decision that undercover report at a young offenders institution breaches privacyn°9, n.19
 [GB] Ofcom publishes research on online news consumptionn°9, n.20
 [GR] Licensing of national DTT providers completedn°9, n.21
 [HR] Constitutional Court decision on CRTA's conformity with the Constitutionn°9, n.22
 [HR] New law on audiovisual activitiesn°9, n.23
 [HR] HAKOM monitors interference to domestic TV and radio signalsn°9, n.24
 [IE] Jury determines public broadcaster 35% liable for defamatory comments made during programmen°9, n.25
 [IT] Roadmap for the release of the 700 Mhz Band frequenciesn°9, n.26
 [MK] Study of the media landscapen°9, n.27
 [NL] Publishing of secretly taped conversation with members of Dutch political party was lawfuln°9, n.28
 [NL] Study on digitization and fake newsn°9, n.29
 [RO] Public consultations on the licence fees for terrestrial digital audio broadcasting multiplexes and a tariff for spectrum usen°9, n.30
 [TR] Law gives new powers to the Turkish Radio and Television Supreme Counciln°9, n.31
 [TR] A Media Communication Department has been established under the Turkish Presidencyn°9, n.32
 [TR] Summary of Recent Decisions and Current Developments regarding the Turkish Data Protection Authorityn°9, n.33

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