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IRIS index of the year 2018 - Issue 1

Do you know our newsletter IRIS Legal Observations of the European Audiovisual Observatory? This IRIS Merlin page allows you to call up the indexes of the various IRIS newsletter issues either by issue or by year.
What's more, the full text of each article listed can be accessed with a simple click of the mouse.

 Committee of Ministers: Reply to the Parliamentary Assembly Recommendation on “Ending cyberdiscrimination and online hate”n°1, n.4
 Committee of Ministers: Draft Recommendation on the roles and responsibilities of Internet intermediariesn°1, n.5
 European Court of Human Rights: Tamiz v. the United Kingdomn°1, n.2
 European Court of Human Rights: Einarsson v. Icelandn°1, n.3
 Council of Europe's report clarifies concepts and identifies strategies to tackle disinformationn°1, n.6
 Court of Justice of the European Union: Judgment on cloud-based recording of television programmesn°1, n.7
 European Commission: High-Level Expert Group and public consultation on fake newsn°1, n.8
 European Commission: Public consultation on Europeanan°1, n.9
 European Parliament: Proposed Regulation on copyright and online transmissions of broadcastersn°1, n.10
 United Nations: Resolution on safety of journalistsn°1, n.1
 [AL] Regulator decides against the broadcasting of insurance company advertising spotn°1, n.11
 [AT] Online ads exempt from advertising taxn°1, n.12
 [BG] Changing criteria for assessing unfavourable media content for childrenn°1, n.13
 [CH] Copyright Act to be amendedn°1, n.14
 [DE] Network Enforcement Act enters into forcen°1, n.15
 [ES] The term "Government in exile" bannedn°1, n.16
 [ES] CAC Report on news coverage of the attacks in Barcelona and Cambrilsn°1, n.17
 [FR] Conseil d’Etat upholds formal notice served on C8 after sexist sequence during Touche pas à mon posten°1, n.18
 [FR] Validity of attribution of frequency for France Infon°1, n.19
 [FR] Judgment against screenwriter claiming infringement of copyright upheld on appealn°1, n.20
 [FR] HADOPI proposes better ways of combating piracyn°1, n.21
 [FR] CSA publishes first study on the image of women in advertisingn°1, n.22
 [GB] Copyright protection extends to TV formats under English lawn°1, n.23
 [GB] Urdu language TV channel breached election reporting rulen°1, n.24
 [GB] Statement of Issues concerning investigation of the proposed takeover of Sky by 21st Century Fox Incn°1, n.25
 [GB] Ofcom publishes report on diversity and equal opportunities in televisionn°1, n.26
 [GB] BBC publishes new complaints guidelinesn°1, n.27
 [GR] Application of the GS Media criteria by Athens Court of Appealn°1, n.28
 [HR] Croatian competition agency blocks sale of Nova TV to Unity Median°1, n.29
 [HR] Digital experimental broadcastingn°1, n.30
 [IE] Channel 4 entitled to claim journalistic privilegen°1, n.31
 [IT] Agcom resolution on collective management of copyright and related rightsn°1, n.32
 [NL] Council of State decision on media access to informationn°1, n.33
 [RO] Modification of the Cinematography Legislationn°1, n.34
 [RO] The Act on public service broadcasting, in line with the Constitutional Court's decisionn°1, n.35
 [RO] ANCOM, new managers, modified lawn°1, n.36
 [RS] RATEL imposed “Must Carry” obligation to operatorsn°1, n.37
 [RS] Several members resign from the working group founded to draft new media strategyn°1, n.38
 [RU] Ban of “undesirable” sites introducedn°1, n.39
 [RU] Media as “foreign agents”n°1, n.40
 [RU] Ukraine and Russia end TV and radio cooperationn°1, n.41

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