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IRIS index of the year 2018 - Issue 7

Do you know our newsletter IRIS Legal Observations of the European Audiovisual Observatory? This IRIS Merlin page allows you to call up the indexes of the various IRIS newsletter issues either by issue or by year.
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 Committee of Ministers: Protocol amending Convention 108 on protection of personal datan°7, n.5
 European Court of Human Rights: ROJ TV A/S v. Denmarkn°7, n.2
 European Court of Human Rights: Unifaun Theatre Productions Limited and Others v. Maltan°7, n.3
 European Court of Human Rights: Stomakhin v. Russian°7, n.4
 Parliamentary Assembly: Resolution on the status of journalists in Europen°7, n.6
 European Commission: Lithuania’s decision to suspend broadcast of “RTR Planeta” complies with EU rulesn°7, n.7
 European Commission: Proposed Directive on protection of whistleblowersn°7, n.8
 European Commission: Communication on completing a trusted Digital Single Market for alln°7, n.9
 European Commission: Guidelines on Significant Market Powern°7, n.10
 UN/OSCE: Joint Declaration on Media Independence and Diversity in the Digital Agen°7, n.1
 [AT] KommAustria blocks ORF plans for exclusive YouTube channel and “Flimmit” pay-TV servicen°7, n.11
 [AT] First 5G auction to be held by RTRn°7, n.12
 [AT] 2017 RTR conciliation report shows telecommunications and media infringements at a record lown°7, n.13
 [BG] CEM’s report on the coverage of a catastrophe on the Trakia highwayn°7, n.14
 [DE] Regional media authorities classify BILD live streams as broadcastingn°7, n.15
 [FR] Courts authorise showing of “The Man who Killed Don Quixote” to close Cannes Film Festivaln°7, n.16
 [FR] Minister for Culture announces first part of her plan to reform the public audiovisual sectorn°7, n.17
 [GB] Ofcom opens seven new investigations of RT news channel for potential breaches of due impartiality rules under Broadcasting Coden°7, n.18
 [GB] Decision on portrayal of Leader of the Opposition in programme on UK/Russia relationsn°7, n.19
 [GB] Arabic satellite news channel in breach of the Ofcom rules on offensivenessn°7, n.20
 [HR] Campaign “For Higher Visibility of Women’s Sports in Electronic Media”n°7, n.21
 [IE] BAI Report on the effect of Access Rulesn°7, n.22
 [IT] Public consultation launched on AGCOM regulation on promotion of European audiovisual worksn°7, n.23
 [MD] Broadcaster fined for airing Russian programmen°7, n.25
 [MT] New Media and Defamation Act for Maltan°7, n.26
 [RO] The PBS’ Law, back to the Parliamentn°7, n.27
 [RO] Results of the public consultation on the allotment of radio spectrum for terrestrial digital broadcastingn°7, n.28

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