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IRIS index of the year 2017 - Issue 4

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 European Court of Human Rights: Rubio Dosamantes v. Spainn°4, n.1
 European Court of Human Rights: Selmani and Others v. the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonian°4, n.2
 Parliamentary Assembly: Resolution on online media and journalismn°4, n.3
 Court of Justice of the European Union: Enforcement Directive and hypothetical royaltiesn°4, n.4
 [AL] National digital network licences issuedn°4, n.5
 [AL] Regulator issues warning about broadcasting of political advertising spotsn°4, n.6
 [CZ] Application of the GS Media rulingn°4, n.7
 [DE] Supreme Court finds use of ARD trademarks anti-competitiven°4, n.8
 [DE] Supreme Court rules on illegal sale of bot software (World of Warcraft II)n°4, n.9
 [DE] Supreme Court rules on bot softwaren°4, n.10
 [DE] Extension of retention period for videos in ARD media libraryn°4, n.11
 [ES] YouTube removes four videos following request from CACn°4, n.12
 [ES] White paper on broadcasting in Catalonia presented by CAC in Parliament of Catalonian°4, n.13
 [FI] New Act on Collective Management of Copyrightn°4, n.14
 [FR] CSA can require radio station operator to protect public safetyn°4, n.15
 [FR] Any injured party may call on the CSA to apply its power to order compliancen°4, n.16
 [FR] CSA opinion on draft legislation organising ethical committees in the public audiovisual sectorn°4, n.17
 [FR] Television sponsorship scheme made more flexiblen°4, n.18
 [FR] Public consultation on observance of obligations to broadcast European works and works made originally in the French languagen°4, n.19
 [FR] Media chronology: CNC makes proposals for reformn°4, n.20
 [GB] Co-regulatory code to demote pirated material on search enginesn°4, n.21
 [GB] References to providers of technical information in sports programmingn°4, n.22
 [IE] Statutory inquiry established investigating police disclosures to median°4, n.23
 [IE] Authority partially upholds complaints over cancer charity’s advertising campaignn°4, n.24
 [IE] BAI publishes new Strategy Statementn°4, n.25
 [IT] Court of Rome rules on professional press reviews and publishers’ copyrightn°4, n.26
 [MA] HACA adopts new procedures for licensing and authorisation of audiovisual servicesn°4, n.27
 [NL] Dutch Supreme Court applies Google Spain and overturns lower court judgmentsn°4, n.28
 [NL] Court refuses request to order Google to remove search results concerning an individual investigated for fraudn°4, n.29
 [NL] Court partially grants request against Google to remove search results concerning an individual with a criminal convictionn°4, n.30
 [RO] Modifications of the Audiovisual Coden°4, n.31
 [RO] Fourth digital terrestrial television auction completedn°4, n.32
 [UA] Information security doctrine approvedn°4, n.33
 [US] Search warrants for emails stored on servers outside the USn°4, n.34

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