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IRIS index of the year 2017 - Issue 3

Do you know our newsletter IRIS Legal Observations of the European Audiovisual Observatory? This IRIS Merlin page allows you to call up the indexes of the various IRIS newsletter issues either by issue or by year.
What's more, the full text of each article listed can be accessed with a simple click of the mouse.

 Committee of Ministers: Convention on Cinematographic Co-production opens for signaturen°3, n.2
 European Court of Human Rights: Terentyev v. Russian°3, n.1
 Parliamentary Assembly: Resolution and Recommendation on journalist safety and media freedom  n°3, n.3
 Parliamentary Assembly: Resolution and Recommendation on cyberdiscrimination and online haten°3, n.4
 Court of Justice of the European Union: Advocate General issues opinion on Stichting Brein v. Ziggon°3, n.5
 European Commission: Proposal for new e-Privacy Regulationn°3, n.6
 [BG] Changes in the Media Law on individual use of spectrumn°3, n.7
 [CZ] Broadcasting regulator issued notice of violation of law for Czech TVn°3, n.8
 [CZ] Centre Against Terrorism and Hybrid Threatsn°3, n.9
 [DE] Federal Supreme Court rules on comments made in satirical programmen°3, n.10
 [DE] ZDF agrees new guidelines with TV production companiesn°3, n.11
 [FR] Decree reforming the classification of cinema filmsn°3, n.12
 [FR] CSA rules on presidential election come into forcen°3, n.13
 [FR] Facebook and Google join forces with French media to combat fake newsn°3, n.14
 [GB] RT’s Cross Talk discussion programme breaches Ofcom’s impartiality rulesn°3, n.15
 [GB] Fox News breaches Ofcom’s Rule 9.2 by holding out advertising as editorial contentn°3, n.16
 [GB] BBC Trust upholds complaint of lack of impartiality in interview with Leader of the Oppositionn°3, n.17
 [GB] Non-domestic TV channels: changes to access service obligationsn°3, n.18
 [GR] Council of State decision on digital television licencesn°3, n.19
 [IE] Court of Appeal judgment of disclosure of journalists’ notesn°3, n.20
 [IE] Broadcasting Authority rejects a number of complaints about the Rose of Traleen°3, n.21
 [IE] BAI holds broadcaster “failed to take appropriate action so as to avoid undue offence”n°3, n.22
 [IT] Supreme Court rules again on the digital terrestrial television channels line-upn°3, n.23
 [IT] Supreme Court issues decision concerning website where defamatory comments posted by usersn°3, n.24
 [LU] ALIA imposes a warning on RTL to report accurately and truthfullyn°3, n.25
 [RO] President promulgates law on cutting the public radio and TV feen°3, n.26
 [SE] Zlatan Ibrahimović wins slander lawsuitn°3, n.27

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