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IRIS index of the year 2018 - Issue 8

Do you know our newsletter IRIS Legal Observations of the European Audiovisual Observatory? This IRIS Merlin page allows you to call up the indexes of the various IRIS newsletter issues either by issue or by year.
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 Committee of Ministers: Recommendation on rights of the child in the digital environmentn°8, n.4
 European Court of Human Rights: M.L. and W.W. v. Germanyn°8, n.1
 European Court of Human Rights: Mariya Alekhina and Others v. Russian°8, n.2
 European Court of Human Rights: Centrum för Rättvisa v. Swedenn°8, n.3
 Advocate General: Opinion in dispute between France Télévisions and Playmédian°8, n.6
 Council of the EU: Provisional Inter-institutional Agreement on new AVMS Directiven°8, n.7
 Court of Justice of the European Union: Grand Chamber judgment on the concept of a data controllern°8, n.5
 EBU: Western Balkan public service media sign MOU for future cooperationn°8, n.8
 [FR] New CNC committee for checking regulationsn°8, n.23
 [BG] Amendment in the media law due to the update of the CEMn°8, n.9
 [BG] Sector analysis on the competitive environment of the media market in Bulgarian°8, n.10
 [BY] Amendments to media law further restrict freedom of Internetn°8, n.11
 [CY] Extension of temporary television licences for one year to June 2019n°8, n.12
 [CZ] Czech Court decides against M7 Group concerning distribution of channelsn°8, n.13
 [CZ] Fine for unfair commercial practice concerning advertisement on TVn°8, n.14
 [DE] Federal Constitutional Court finds broadcasting fee broadly compatible with German Constitutionn°8, n.15
 [DE] Draft new Inter-State Media Agreement and associated online consultationn°8, n.16
 [DE] Federal Cartels Office approves ProSiebenSat.1 and Discovery streaming platformn°8, n.17
 [ES] New Order regulating state aidn°8, n.18
 [FI] Finnish government adopts a Media Policy Programme resolutionn°8, n.19
 [FR] Conseil d’Etat confirms two CSA sanctions against C8n°8, n.20
 [FR] Dispute between production company that owns “Le bureau des légendes” marks and publisher of a book on the seriesn°8, n.21
 [FR] CSA warns RT to respect honesty and rigour of informationn°8, n.22
 [FR] Reform in public audiovisual sector - Government announces its decisionsn°8, n.24
 [GB] Supreme Court rules on ISPs’ liability for website blocking feesn°8, n.25
 [GB] Judgement in the case Sir Cliff Richard v. BBCn°8, n.26
 [GB] Parliamentary committee report on tackling fake news and interference in elections in social median°8, n.27
 [GB] Ofcom issues decision on misleading on-air tweets in a new current affairs programme broadcast on RTn°8, n.28
 [GB] Information Commissioner’s Office issues Notice of Intent to fine Facebook GBP500 000n°8, n.29
 [GE] Constitution promulgates freedom of Internetn°8, n.30
 [IE] Data Protection Act 2018 enacted  n°8, n.31
 [IE] Decision on public broadcaster’s impartialityn°8, n.32
 [IT] Italian Parliament approves ban on gambling advertisingn°8, n.33
 [LV] Amendments to the Electronic Mass Media Law adoptedn°8, n.34
 [NL] Twitter user and Dutch website liable for disseminating explicit content of well-known TV personalityn°8, n.35
 [RO] The Audiovisual Law, back to the Parliamentn°8, n.36
 [RO] New state aid scheme for cinematographic industryn°8, n.37
 [RU] Amendments restrict exhibition at film festivalsn°8, n.38
 [UA] Court hearing on Russian broadcasts endsn°8, n.39

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