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IRIS 2019-8:1/11


Amendments for harmonising the Law on Public Service Media and the Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation

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Christophoros Christophorou

Expert in Media and Elections

The House of Representatives amended the law on public service media (PSM) - the Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation (RIK) Law, so that, among other things, it is better harmonised with the acquis communautaire. Amendments were made on the basis, among other considerations, of observations in the framework of the EU Pilot  project. They relate to a variety of issues, such as the spectrum of services offered, membership of the corporation’s governing council, commercial messages, the protection of minors and the powers of the Cyprus Radio Television Authority over the PSM.

The main provisions of the amending law are as follows:

This is the first time the PSM law has been amended since the incorporation of the provisions of the AVMS Directive into this law in December 2010.

Νόμος 52(I)2019 που τροποποιεί τον περί Ραδιοφωνικού Ιδρύματος Νόμο Κεφ. 300A, Ε.Ε. Παρ. Ι(Ι), 12.04.2019, σσ. 341-5 EL
  Act 52(I)2019