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IRIS 2017-9:1/14


Combating piracy: Google and association to combat audiovisual piracy sign agreement

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Amélie Blocman


On 19 September, Google and the Association to Combat Audiovisual Piracy (Association de Lutte contre la Piraterie Audiovisuelle - “ALPA”) signed a partnership agreement aimed at effectively reinforcing copyright protection for the on-line exploitation of audiovisual works. The agreement was signed under the auspices of the National Centre for the Cnema (Centre National du Cinéma - “the CNC”) - which will be able to act as an observer and make recommendations in the event of any conflict - in the presence of Minister for Culture Françoise Nyssen. Thanks to this partnership, Google’s video platform, YouTube, will make its content ID algorithm available to ALPA. The algorithm is a tool for identifying and managing rights; ALPA will be able to apply the “block” and “follow” rules directly for any work placed on-line without the authorisation of the respective rights-holders. In this way it will be possible for rights-holders to add their works to the content ID filter and to ensure that their films and productions are not placed on YouTube without their consent. Google also undertakes to prevent its AdWords service from fraudulently buying key words for pirate streaming and downloading sites. It also undertakes to provide ALPA with financial support; the agreement is witness to its determination to contribute to the fight against piracy and to strengthen its policy of cooperation with originators and rights-holders.

The President of ALPA, Nicolas Seydoux, welcomed the agreement, which he said symbolised “the collapse of a wall of incomprehension” between Google and ALPA, with effective support from the CNC and the Ministry of Culture to be extended by means of an ambitious, balanced public policy focusing on two areas: (i) a reinforcement of the legal offer of films and audiovisual works on on-line platforms, by means of an urgent reform of media chronology, and (ii) a renewed efforts to combat piracy, particularly on streaming sites. As the Minister for Culture said, “the tangible form of this agreement needs to be defined in full accord with all the rights-holders.”

Accord entre Google et l’Alpa du 19 septembre 2017
  Agreement of 19 September 2017 between Google and ALPA