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IRIS 2017-8:1/37


Language demands for audiovisual media

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Andrei Richter

Media Academy Bratislava

On 23 May 2017 the Supreme Rada (Parliament) adopted a law that introduces language quotas for television programming. The law introduces changes to the Broadcasting Act of Ukraine - mostly to Article 10 - “Language of the audiovisual (electronic) media” (see IRIS 2006-5/34)

The minimum quota for Ukrainian language broadcasts is now 75% for national broadcasters, and 60% for local broadcasters. A separate 75% quota is established for newscasts and current affairs programmes on all channels. The amendments detail the requirements for a broadcast or a film in Ukrainian. For example, it is permitted to use other languages in a movie for artistic reasons, but the length of such non-Ukrainian footage remarks (not in Ukrainian) should not exceed 10% of the film’s total running time and must be accompanied by Ukrainian subtitles. This exception does not apply to children’s movies and animation.

Films made on the territory of the republics of the former USSR in a language other than Russian or Ukrainian, and which were later dubbed into the Russian language, shall be voiced-over in (or dubbed into) the Ukrainian language.

N. 2054-19 Про внесення змін до деяких законів України щодо мови аудіовізуальних (електронних) засобів масової інформації UK
  Statute of Ukraine N. 2054-19 on amendments to certain statutes of Ukraine concerning the language of audiovisual (electronic) media, adopted on 23 May 2017