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IRIS 2017-7:1/32


Law on privacy adopted

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Andrei Richter

Media Academy Bratislava

On 20 March 2017, President Berdymukhamedov of Turkmenistan signed into law the Statute on Information on Personal Life and Its Protection, which consists of 33 articles split into six chapters.

The Statute introduces definitions of key notions mostly related to different aspects of or actions related to personal data.

The principle of consent-based data collection, storage and processing is accompanied by a list of exceptions such as for the purposes of law enforcement, statistics, the protection of human rights, and other purposes provided by the national statutes. One of the exceptions is “for the purposes of lawful professional journalistic activity or activity of a mass media outlet, or scholarly, literary or other creative activity under condition of observance of human rights and liberties” (para 6 Art. 9).

No special office has been established to oversee the implementation of the statute; the Prosecutor-General of Turkmenistan has been tasked to do it as part of his routine duties.

The Statute enters into force on 1 July 2017.

ЗАКОН ТУРКМЕНИСТАНА Об информации о личной жизни и её защите RU
  Act “On Information on Personal Life and Its Protection”, officially published on 29 March 2017 in the national daily “Neytralniy Turkmenistan”