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IRIS 2017-10:1/32

Russian Federation

TV broadcaster CNN breaches Russian laws

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Tobias Raab

Stopp Pick & Kallenborn, Saarbrücken

According to a decision issued by the Russian media regulator Roskomnadzor, American TV broadcaster CNN International infringed Russian laws through its reporting. The authority did not initially reveal any further details of the alleged offences.

The regulatory body announced that a review of CNN International’s programmes broadcast in the Russian Federation had shown that it had breached Russian mass media legislation and was liable under Russian administrative law. Roskomnadzor has therefore summoned representatives of the broadcaster to a hearing at which further information would be given. It said it would then decide whether to caution the broadcaster for infringing a law and breaching the conditions of its TV broadcasting licence. Roskomnadzor also stressed that compliance with Russian legislation would continue to be monitored, no matter where companies operating mass media registered under Russian law were based.

Представители «CNN International» вызваны в Роскомнадзор для рассмотрения административных дел в отношении телеканала, 29/09/2017 RU
  Press release of the Roskomnadzor media regulator, 29 September 2017