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IRIS 2014-9:1/25


New rules for public service broadcaster programming

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Mariana Lameiras et Helena Sousa

Communication and Society Research Centre, University of Minho

On 9 July 2014, the Portuguese Parliament approved Act no. 40/2014 which introduces, for the second time, changes to the Television and On-Demand Audiovisual Services Act - Law no. 27/2007 (see IRIS 2011-4/30 and IRIS 2011-6/25). These modifications alter the programme-content obligations of the public service broadcaster RTP 1 (Rádio e Televisão Portuguesa). Under the new provisions, the law requires the broadcaster to include programmes that enhance the following areas: education, health, science, research, the arts, innovation, entrepreneurship, interculturalism, the promotion of gender equality, economic issues, social action, the dissemination of humanitarian causes, nonprofessional sport and school sports, religious beliefs, the production of independent creative works, the Portuguese cinema, the environment, consumer protection, and audiovisual experimentation (Article 52).

Before the approval of this act, these content requirements were only part of the programming assigned to the second public service channel broadcast nationwide, RTP 2. The new law states that RTP 2 has an obligation to ensure programming characterised by a strong cultural and educational component, open to civil society (Article 54).

The act entered into force on 10 July 2014 and took effect on 1 July 2014.

Lei n.º 40/2014 de 9 de julho, procede à segunda alteração à Lei n.º 27/2007, de 30 de julho (Lei da Televisão e dos Serviços Audiovisuais a Pedido), modificando o conteúdo dos programas que integram a concessão do serviço público de televisão. Publicada no Diário da República n.º 130, 1.ª Série, de 09-07-2014 PT
  Act no. 40/2014 of 9 July – alters the Television and On Demand Audiovisual Services Act (no. 27/2007) by modifying the content of programs that integrate public service broadcasting. Published in the official news bulletin “Diário da República”, no. 130, 1st series, dated 9 July 2014