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IRIS 2012-9:1/35


Deadline for DTT Subsidies’ Applications Extended until the End of the Year

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Mariana Lameiras & Helena Sousa

Communication and Society Research Centre, University of Minho

The Portuguese National Communications Authority (ANACOM) has announced the extension of the application period concerning the subsidy programmes for DTT (Digital Terrestrial Television) decoders. Following this decision, applications can be submitted until 31 December 2012 to PT Comunicações, the global telecommunications operator leader in Portugal.

There are two types of support programmes available, one for the installation of the reception system of DTH (Direct to Home) and the other for DTT kit reimbursement.

On the one hand, reimbursements are of EUR 47 for anyone living in places where satellite is accessible, regardless of the individuals’ economic situation. This program is available until 2023, although the reimbursement value might change. People who purchase the satellite TV kit can benefit from this refund by either ordering the kit within five days (paying EUR 30 on delivery of the satellite) or by purchasing the kit immediately (paying EUR 77 and being refunded EUR 47 later).

On the other hand, support programmes for the installation of the DTH reception system are limited to EUR 61 but are available to everyone having access to the satellite signal, independently of individuals’ economic situation. Pensioners whose monthly income is less than EUR 500 and people with at least 60% disability benefit from a subsidy of 50% (up to a maximum amount of EUR 22) to buy a DTT or DTH decoder. Citizens aged 65 or older, retired people or pensioners having a monthly income of up to EUR 500, referenced by the Portuguese Institute of Social Security, can also benefit from an extra subsidy of EUR 61 to adapt, redirect or reinstall the new DTT or satellite reception antenna.

These support programmes were initially established until the end of June 2012 but because the intent was to cover the largest number of beneficiaries, the deadline was first extended to 31 August 2012, and with the recent decision of ANACOM until the end of 2012.

TDT - Prazo para pedido de subsídios prorrogado até 31.12.2012 PT
  Decision of the Portuguese National Communications Authority (ANACOM), 13 August 2012