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IRIS 2012-8:1/33


Digital Switchover Programme Approved

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Andrei Richter

Faculty of Journalism, Moscow State University

On 2 November 2011, О переходе на цифровое телерадиовещание в Кыргызской Республике (programme for the digital switchover) was approved by the government, following a process of consultation with both civil society and media non-governmental organisations. It outlines the technical and political steps to be taken by stakeholders. In particular it establishes DVB-T2 as a minimum broadcasting standard. The programme also establishes Kyrgyz Telecom as the main service provider and obliges it to distribute the “social package” software multiplex to 95% of the population by 2013.

The State Communications Agency (SCA) was tasked with implementing the programme in four stages:

1. The SCA and the Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MTC) are to develop criteria for allocation of licenses.

2. Allocation of multiplex frequencies is to be subject to competition. The Ministry of Culture is to identify specific television programmes that are to be included in the free-of-charge “social package”.

3. Private broadcasters are to develop their digital own broadcasting networks. The government promises to create favourable conditions for domestic production.

4. Measures to protect socially vulnerable groups from any negative impact are to be implemented by the Ministry of Social Protection, the Ministry of Finance, the MTC, SCA and the Ministry of Culture.

The programme foresees the following 14 multiplexes allocated for Kyrgyzstan:

- four to Kyrgyz Telecom, including the “social package” multiplex;

- one through a competition to a free-of-charge educational television channel;

- between three and ten multiplexes are to be allocated to private service providers on the basis of competitive tender, and until allocation will be considered reserve frequencies.

The programme suggests that in each province one or two “commercial” multiplexes are to be reserved for private broadcasters and will be auctioned among private telecommunication enterprises in three lots of two multiplexes each. The multiplex operators are to select and contract local broadcasters on the inclusion of their programmes in the line-up.

О переходе на цифровое телерадиовещание в Кыргызской Республике RU
  Resolution on the digital television switchover in Kyrgyz Republic of 2 November 2011