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IRIS 2012-7:1/17


Appointment of the Estonian National Public Broadcasting Council’s Expert Members

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Andres Jõesaar

Estonian National Public Broadcasting & Institute of Journalism and Communication, University of Tartu

According to ENPB Act Eesti Rahvusringhäälingu seadus (Estonian National Public Broadcaster Act), the supervisory body of the public service broadcaster is the Rahvusringhäälingu nõukogu (Broadcasting Council, BC). The BC is composed of four independent experts and one member from each Parliamentary party. Experts are appointed by the Parliament for a five-year term, MPs are appointed for their four-year Parliamentary period.

The five-year term of four independent expert members ended on 8 May 2012. Four new members were proposed by the Cultural Commission (CC) of the Parliament and appointed by the Parliament on the same day. New members were selected without any public open debate or discussion about a candidate’s professionalism and political independence. After their appointment, it has been revealed, the CC agreed that each of all four political parties would put forward two candidates. As the coalition has the majority of seats in the Cultural Commission, it transpired that all the members finally selected by the secret vote were their candidates; candidates proposed by the opposition were rejected.

The three new expert members are the representative of commercial media entity Mart Luik, the director of theatre Paavo Nõgene (member of Reform Party), and the PR and communication specialist Agu Uudelepp. The mandate of the Investment and finance expert Rain Tamm was extended. During its first meeting, the Council elected Agu Uudelepp as chairman.

XII RIIGIKOGU STENOGRAMM III ISTUNGJÄRK Teisipäev, 8. mai 2012, kell 10:00 ET
  Stenographic record of the Parliament session, 8 May 2012      
Eesti Rahvusringhäälingu tegevusvaldkonna tunnustatud asjatundjatest Eesti Rahvusringhäälingu nõukogu liikmete nimetamine ET
  Parliamentary decree of the appointment of Estonian National Broadcasting Council expert members, 8 May 2012, Riigiteataja RT III, 11.05.2012, 1