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IRIS 2012-10:1/20


Must-carry Selection Rules Approved

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Andrei Richter

Faculty of Journalism, Moscow State University

On 26 July 2012 the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan adopted an ordnance titled “On approval of the Rules for competition on selection of the must-carry television and radio channels”. This ordinance was necessitated by the recent broadcasting law (see IRIS 2012-3/28). Earlier, on 6 June 2012, the Commission on Development of Broadcasting was established as such by the Government with the Minister of Culture and Information as its chair and his vice-minister as the deputy chair.

The rules entrust the procedures of selection of broadcasting channels for the line-up to the Committee on Information and Archives of the Ministry of Culture and Information. The competition itself will be conducted by the Commission on Development of Broadcasting that reviews programme policies, technical specifications and financial resources of the applicants.

The selection criteria for the competition include the “social importance of proposed programmes, availability of broadcasts on culture, educational programmes, those aimed at youth and children, coverage of Sate policies in the social and economic development of the country”. As other criteria the Rules list the general format of a channel, a proportion of programmes to be produced by the applicants, a percentage of programmes in Kazakh language, availability of professionals, and an average length of broadcasting per day.

The Commission’s decisions on the results of the competition are to be approved by the Government within one month after it is held.

Мiндеттi теле-, радиоарналардың тiзбесiн қалыптастыру бойынша конкурс өткiзу қағидаларын бекiту туралы KK
  Ordinance of the Government of Republic of Kazakhstan “On approval of the Rules for competition on selection of the must-carry television and radio channels” of 26 July 2012, No. № 970. Published in Kazakhstanskaya pravda official daily on 16 August 2012, No. 271-273