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IRIS 2010-8:1/20


Information Action Plan on Digital Television

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Christophoros Christophorou

Expert in Media and Elections

The creation of a website on digital television and of a 'digital television theatre' are two of the main actions for informing the public about the benefits of digital television and the digital switch-over. These are part of an information action plan announced by the Office of the Commissioner for Electronic Communications and Postal Regulation (CECPR), which is coordinating the campaign.

The campaign targets all of the groups involved in the plan, such as professionals who import, distribute or install digital television equipment, consumer associations, local authorities and the public. Actions include meetings and consultations, the publication of articles and information material and an advertising campaign on radio and television.

Through the website on digital television (www.dtv.org.cy) users can access information about the regulatory bodies and their functions and competence; they can also find details about the plans for the digital switch-over due in July 2011, technical specifications of digital equipment, transmissions and other information, and actions users need to undertake in order to meet the requirements for digital reception.

The 'digital television theatre', which will be set up at the offices of the Commissioner, will be a specially arranged space where the visitor can have free access to the various digital platforms and services provided in Cyprus, both free to air and paid ones. Visitors will get acquainted with the services available, they will be provided with information on connectivity and other technical issues and will have the opportunity to better assess the advantages of digital television.

Η ΕΨΤ και ο τερματισμός των αναλογικών μεταδόσεων - Παρουσίαση ΓΕΡΗΕΤ EL
  Information action plan on Digital Television