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IRIS 2010-6:1/3

European Commission

Consultation on Future of Cultural and Creative Industries

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Stefan Kulk

Institute for Information Law (IViR), University of Amsterdam

On 27 April 2010, the European Commission launched an online public consultation aimed at unlocking the full potential of Europe's cultural and creative industries. The consultation is linked to a Green Paper, which sets out the untapped potential of the cultural and creative industries to create growth and jobs.

‘Cultural industries’ are defined in the Green Paper as industries “producing and distributing goods or services which at the time they are developed are considered to have a specific attribute, use or purpose which embodies or conveys cultural expressions, irrespective of the commercial value they may have”. This definition covers traditional arts sectors (performing arts, visual arts and cultural heritage), film, video, television, radio, video games, new media, music, books and press. ‘Creative industries’ are defined as “industries which use culture as an input and have a cultural dimension, although their outputs are mainly functional”. They include architecture and design, as well as subsectors such as graphic design, fashion design and advertising. Together, the cultural and creative industries provide quality jobs for 5 million people in the European Union and they represent highly innovative companies with great economic potential.

The public consultation focuses around three issues. First, the public consultation asks stakeholders and others the question of how the EU should encourage cultural and creative industries to experiment, innovate and to act as entrepreneurs. Second, the consultation deals with the question of how to help European cultural and creative industries to achieve worldwide presence. Finally, the consultation goes into the spill-over effects of cultural and creative industries on other industries and society.

With regard to Information and Communication Technologies, the Commission notes that the cultural and creative industries are faced with a rapidly changing context characterised by the speed of the development and global deployment of these new technologies. The Commission specifically mentions the recorded content industry that is being hurt by piracy and losses in sales. These changes affect traditional production and consumption models and they challenge the industries to draw value from their content. The industries need to develop new and innovative business models. However, keeping a business running successfully while investing and testing new business models can be a challenging task for many creative enterprises.

The public consultation will run until 30 July 2010. The results of this consultation will be analysed and summarised in a report that will be published on the Commission’s website in approximately September 2010.

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