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IRIS 2010-6:1/28


Decree Laying Down the Audiovisual and Cinematographic Contribution of Cable and Satellite Channels

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Amélie Blocman


The result of an agreement reached between producers, authors and ACCES (Association des Chaînes Conventionnées Editrices de Services - association of channels under convention that edit services) on 23 July 2009, and signed in the presence of Frédéric Mitterrand, Minister of Culture and Communication, the Decree laying down the framework of regulations applicable to the production obligations of cable, satellite and ADSL channels was gazetted on 29 April 2010. The text imposes a minimum creative contribution from the channels, but leaves them choice in distributing their investments among the various programme genres. It guarantees an 8.5% investment in heritage production. Special levels of obligations may be laid down to take account of the nature of the programming of certain channels. The text introduces a minimum contribution of the channels to heritage production, while offering them greater flexibility in splitting their investments among the various programme genres. It is also important to break down the boundary between audiovisual works other than stock programmes and flow programmes, which are included in the arrangements for the first time. It also extends the protection of independent production to every area of production.

Décret n° 2010-416 du 27 avril 2010 relatif à la contribution cinématographique et audiovisuelle des éditeurs de services de télévision et aux éditeurs de services de radio distribués par les réseaux n'utilisant pas des fréquences assignées par le Conseil supérieur de l'audiovisuel FR
  Decree No. 2010-416 of 27 April 2010 on the cinematographic and audiovisual contribution of editors of television services and editors of radio services distributed by networks not using frequencies assigned by the Conseil Supérieur de l'Audiovisuel (audiovisual regulatory body - CSA)