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IRIS 2010-1:1/10


Progress on the Implementation of the AVMS Directive

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Rayna Nikolova

Council for Electronic Media, Sofia

The new Bulgarian government undertook some urgent measures in order to implement Directive 2007/65/ЕC in Bulgarian law. The Council of Ministers has approached all key stakeholders to offer their opinions on the draft legislative acts that need to be prepared for the transposition of the Directive.

Within the time limit set by the Ministry of Culture the following key stakeholders have put forward their opinions: the Council for Electronic Media, the Bulgarian National Television, the Bulgarian National Radio, the Television Producers Association, the Bulgarian Radio and Television Operators Association, the Advertising Agencies Association, the National Self-Regulation Council, the Bulgarian PR Agencies Association, the Bulgarian Advertisers Agency, Film Author and the Bulgarian Donation Forum.

On 14 October 2009, the Ministry of Culture held a public hearing on the opinions received. After the completion of the public consultation process the opinions were published on the web page of the Ministry of Culture.

During October 2009 a working group was set up by the Prime Minister which prepared the acts required for the implementation of the Directive. The working group delivered its Draft on the amendment of the Radio and Television Act on 10 November 2009 aimed at implementing the provisions of Directive 2007/65/ЕC into Bulgarian law.