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IRIS 2010-0:1/16


Notification Regime regarding Providers of non-linear Media Services

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Rayna Nikolova

New Bulgarian University

On 14 September 2010 the Council for Electronic Media registered in the Public Register kept by it Trans Telekom AD as a provider of non-linear services, and more specifically video-on-demand services.

The latter enables the end customers to receive at a time fixed by them a particular event (music, movie, etc) as chosen from a catalogue on the territory of the cities of Sofia, Varna, Golden Sands Resort, Albena Resort, St. Constantine and Elena Resort, Sunny Beach Resort, Kamchiya Resort and Alen Mak Resort.

On the same date the Council for Electronic Media has entered on the Public Register Amotera Pictures Limited as a provider of non-linear media services, including video-on-demand services, in particular: (i) premium digital pay-per-view, and (ii) premium digital video-on-demand.

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