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IRIS 2009-4:Extra


Citizen Services Portal Bill and " Deutschland-Mail "

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Christian M. Bron

Institute of European Media Law (EMR), Saarbrücken/Brussels

On 4 February 2009, the Federal Government adopted the Bill on the regulation of citizen services portals, tabled by the Federal Interior Ministry (BMI), thereby creating the basis for so-called " Deutschland Mail " ("De-Mail") .

From 2010, De-Mail should make Internet communication more reliable and secure, since it will be offered by accredited, State-checked industry providers and will enable important documents such as contracts and applications to be sent to the authorities in encrypted form. Every German citizen is entitled to the free De-Mail addresses. Anyone who sends a message via this portal can obtain a confirmation of transmission which has the force of law. This is equivalent to sending something by recorded delivery and will also be free of charge.

The De-Mail pilot phase starts in summer 2009.

Gesetzentwurf der Bundesregierung DE
  Federal Government Bill