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IRIS 2008-4:10/13


Plan for Implementation of DVB-T Adopted

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Rayna Nikolova

Council for Electronic Media, Sofia

On 31 January 2008, the Council of Ministers adopted a Plan for the implementation of digital terrestrial television broadcasting (DVB-T) in Bulgaria. Two main goals are set out in the plan:

1. To ensure audience reception of television channels via terrestrial means, while there is also the possibility to use the cable or satellite reception of channels;

2. To attract a new audience and thus prevent the emergence of a monopoly of cable and satellite digital broadcasting.

Pursuant to the plan the transition from analogue to digital terrestrial shall be accomplished in two stages:

1. The first stage (start of the transition) will cover the period from June 2008 to December 2012. During this period three national MFN (SFN) networks and twelve regional SFN networks should start operating.

2. The second stage covers the period from July 2010 to June 2015. During this stage three national MFN (SFN) networks and fifteen SFN networks should become operational.

By December 2012, all transmitters for terrestrial analogue television broadcasting should stop working (“Switch–off”).

After the adoption of the plan, a number of legislative acts and other documents will need to be amended or supplemented:

- Radio and Television Act;

- Sector Telecommunications Policy of the Republic of Bulgaria (published in State Gazette No. 104 of 2004);

- National plan for allocation of the radio frequency spectrum for radio frequencies for civil purposes, for the needs of the national security and defence.