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IRIS 2005-6:15/30


New Rules on Teleshopping

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Maja Cappello

Autorità per le garanzie nelle comunicazioni (AGCOM)

On 8 March 2005 the Autorità per le garanzie nelle comunicazioni (Italian Communications Authority - AGCOM) amended the Regulation on advertising (see IRIS 2001-9:11) introducing new provisions on teleshopping. All products/services on sale must be accurately described and the price must be exactly explained according to the distance marketing directive. Astrology services, games, lotteries, etc… charging fee additional to the ordinary cost of phone calls cannot be marketed via teleshopping. Any spot or telepromotion requiring a phone call charging an additional fee must clearly inform the viewers about the effective price of the call.

AGCOM - Delibera n. 34/05/CSP, Modifiche al Regolamento in materia di pubblicità radiotelevisiva e televendite, di cui alla delibera n. 538/01/CSP del 26 luglio 2001 IT
  AGCOM deliberation of 8 March 2005, no. 34/05/CSP, Amendments to the Regulation on Advertising and Teleshopping, published in the Official Gazette of 11 March 2005, s.o. no. 72