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IRIS 2005-6:15/28


Dispute about Animated Serial Zlikavci

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Nives Zvonari─ç

Council for Electronic Media, Zagreb

At the end of 2004 the Croatian Television (HTV) started broadcasting the animated serial Zlikavci (Evil Guys) - a satiric review of daily events in Croatia and the rest of the world.

Immediately after the beginning of broadcasting, Catholic youth associations demanded that HTV should stop the programme due to insult to religious beliefs.

Thereupon the Program Council of HRT (Croatian Radio and Television) discussed the issue. The main task of the Council is to supervise implementation of program principles and obligations stipulated by the law. In case of breaches the Council has to inform in writing the Head Director of HRT, the director of the organizational unit and the director of programs. The Program Council decided that Zlikavci is a satirical show and as such does not violate program principles and obligations stipulated by the Law on Croatian Radio-Television.

The issue has been raised again as the Association Radio Marija collected about 40,000 signatures against the broadcasting of Zlikavci. On this occasion it has been requested to, at least temporary, discontinue broadcasting of Zlikavci, until it is finally determined if it is an insulting show or not. Furthermore, an expert review and HRT's apology for mentioning of the Association's name in one of the shows are requested.

- HR
  The Law on Croatian Radio-Television, Narodne novine - Official Gazette of the Republic of Croatia, number 25/03 from 19 February 2003