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IRIS 2003-5:6/9


Controversies over RTV Pink BiH

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Dusan Babic

Communications Regulatory Agency (CRA)

Recently, criticism has been raised regarding the Communications Regulatory Agency's (CRA) decision to issue a broadcasting license to RTV Pink BiH.

Belgrade-based TV Pink's Plus Programme is broadcast via Sarajevo-based NTV 99. In order to legalize its Sarajevo broadcasts, TV Pink has registered its sister company in Bijeljina, north-east of Bosnia (Republika Srpska), under the name RTV Pink BiH.

The Association of Electronic Media BiH (AEM) criticized the CRA's decision because of the alleged low quality of the programming. The CRA has emphasized that its decison does not concern the allocation of new frequencies, but the transfer of licenses of local broadcasters - TV Kometa, TV Patria and TV GLS - to RTV Pink BiH, which would be in accordance with CRA rules and regulations.

CRA's press release of 18 April 2003