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IRIS 2003-1:11/24


Tender on the Sales of Commercial Airtime and Sponsorship Possibilities Withdrawn

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Gabriella Cseh

Attorney at Law, Squire, Sanders & Dempsey

On 24 October 2002, the Hungarian National Public Service Television (M1) announced a public tender aiming to outsource the sales of its entire available commercial airtime, including sponsorship possibilities, to a company on an exclusive basis (see No. 43 / 2002 of the Public Procurement Newsletter). The tender had been based on the Act XL of 1995 on Public Procurement.

The applicants had to fulfill financial, technical and professional requirements, among others, in order to have reliable bank credit records and they had to prove strong experience in the field of advertisement sales activities. Furthermore, the candidates had been asked to employ qualified sales personnel and operate a computer software system suitable for booking advertisement spots.

However, on 20 November 2002 the tender was withdrawn without giving further reasons.

  Withdrawal of the tender published in No. 47 / 2002 of the Public Procurement Newsletter, published on 20 November 2002