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IRIS 1997-4:12/29

United Kingdom

Government to take action against satellite pornography channel

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Tony Prosser

University of Glasgow, School of Law

The UK National Heritage Secretary (the minister responsible for broadcasting matters) announced on March 5 that she is considering making an order to ban the satellite TV channel `Satisfaction Club'. She had received notification from the Independent Television Commission that it was a pornographic service which the Commission considered unacceptable, and in accordance with the EC Broadcasting Directive has notified the broadcaster, the Italian authorities and the European Commission that the service was considered to have manifestly, seriously and gravely infringed the Directive's provisions in Article 22 on the protection of children.

The order will be made under section 177 of the Broadcasting Act 1990 which requires that it be laid before Parliament; it will have the effect of proscribing the channel and making the provision of dedicated equipment and programme material, advertising for or on the channel and the provision of any other service in its support a criminal offence.

The UK has previously taken similar action against three other services; Red Hot Television, TV Erotica and Rendez Vous.

Department of National Heritage Press Release DNH 067/97 of 5 March 1997.