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IRIS 1995-10:4/3

Council of Europe: Secretary General's Statement on 'The European Cinema of the 21st Century'

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Ad van Loon

European Audiovisual Observatory

On the occasion of the opening session of the Colloguy 'Towards the European Cinema of the 21st Century', the Council of Europe Secretary General, Mr Daniel Tarschys, made a statement of the prospects for panEuropean action in the field of the cinema. Mr Tarschys stated that Europe shall increasingly have to accept the fact that European cinemas and television are largely taken up by non-European films. The rules of the international film-marketplace have especially endangered the film industries of the 13 central and eastern European countries that have joined the Council of Europe since 1989. According to Mr Tarschys it is not enough to adopt purely protective measures to conserve the essential cinematographical input from these countries.

The concerted action by all the film industries in Europe have been supported by the Council of Europe by means of a variety of approaches and instruments. Mr Tarschys stated that the Council of Europe will continue to give priority to the film industries of central and eastern Europe. In regards to measures to strenghten these film industries, Mr Tarschys said that the search for new financial resources (in particular by means of a system of bank guarantees as an investment incentive) and the expansion of pan-European programmes are being considered.

Statement by Daniel Tarschys on the occasion of the opening session of the Colloguy 'Towards the European Cinema in the 21st Century' (12-13 October 1995), Strasbourg, 12 October 1995