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IRIS 1995-10:8/12

Czech Republic

New Law on Advertising in the Media

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Andrea Schneider

Institute of European Media Law (EMR), Saarbrücken/Brussels

On 9 February 1995, the Parliament of the Czech Republic passed a law governing advertising in the media. The law prohibits certain practices and lays down general restrictions, as well as regulations relating to supervision and penalties. Part of the law amends law No. 468 of 30 October 1991 covering audiovisual programmes. Law No.4 of 15 December 1992 had confirmed the current legal validity of this law, which dates back to ex-Czechoslovakia.

The new law states that commercials should only be shown between programmes, except for those programmes made up of several separate parts, with breaks in between. While films can have advertising breaks every 45 minutes, commercials are forbidden in children's and current affairs programmes.

Law No 40 of 9.02.1995 on advertising and to amend and supplement Law No 468/1991 on the implementation of radio and television broadcasting services.