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IRIS 1995-1:13/36

Council of Europe: Discussions on a Teaching Module on Media Law to be Used in Central and Eastern European Schools of Journalism

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Ad van Loon

European Audiovisual Observatory

In its meeting in February, the Council of Europe's Steering Committee for the Mass Media (CDMM) will discuss a report titled: "Human Rights and democratic institutions: recommendations for the construction of a teaching module on media law for teachers in schools of journalism and radio/television broadcasters in Central and Eastern Europe and the CIS." The report goes beyond a simple recommendation of one standard curriculum for a media law teaching programme that can be exported to a variety of settings. It supplies a model course outline targeted for use in a media law course for journalists within a university programme. The model leaves ample room for adaptation to the local circumstances of each journalism school, and each country. The report was drafted by Ms. Ina Navazelsjis of The European Journalism Centre in Maastricht (the Netherlands).