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IRIS 1995-1:12/31


New Legislation on Radio Television Slovenia (RTV Slovenia)

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Ad van Loon

European Audiovisual Observatory

On 25th March 1994, the Slovenian government passed a law governing the organisation and tasks of the public service broadcaster Radiotelevizija Slovenia (RTV Slovenia) with its head quarters in Ljubljana.

As a public organisation, RTV Slovenia promises to provide an all-round and generally accessible choice of stations including stations for national minorities and certain interest groups.

In its programme planning, RTV Slovenia undertakes to take into account basic principles such as the dignity of man, right of privacy, impartiality and authenticity of information as well as diversity of opinion. The legislation obliges the broadcaster to promote the Slovenian language and culture as well as to protect children and teenagers from programs whose content is likely to affect their development. RTV is financed by radio licence fees, government funding, advertising revenues and sponsoring. Advertising time on national public radio stations is limited to 15 % and to a maximum of 12 minutes an hour. Political advertising for election purposes is allowed 24 days before an election and should end 24 hours before the beginning of an election.

Management of the broadcaster is given over to a board with 24 members.

Law on Radiotelevizija Slovenia (Radio Television Slovenia) of 25 March 1994.