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IRIS 1995-1:7/13

European Commission

Pluralism and Media Concentration

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Ad van Loon

European Audiovisual Observatory

In a Communication to the Council and the European Parliament, the Commission of the European Communities presented the results of its consultation of interested parties on the subject of pluralism and media concentration and its ideas on the follow-up to this process.

The consultation process followed the Commission's Green Paper on Pluralism and media concentration in the internal market - an assessment of the need for Community action (of 23 December 1992; COM(92)480 final.), in which three policy options were outlined. According to the Commission, a majority of the interested parties finds that measures at the Community level are desirable. As possible options now remain a Community Recommendation concerning transparency, or a Directive on the harmonization of national rules on media ownership.

As a next step, the Commission will organise a second round of consultations to determine the necessity of a Community initiative and the possible substance of such an initiative.

In a Resolution of 27 October 1994, the European Parliament has expressed its disappointment on the fact that in the abovementioned Communication, the Commission still fails to acknowledge the need for a Community Directive on media concentration. It calls on the Commission to draw up, as soon as possible, a proposal for a Directive on pluralism and media concentration.

Follow-up to the consultation process relating to the Green Paper on “Pluralism and media concentration in the Internal Market - an assessment of the need for Community action,” Brussels, 5 October 1994, COM(94) 353 final. EN