[FR] Amendment to France TV terms of reference to include Culturebox, a free temporary cultural channel

IRIS 2021-3:1/5

Amélie Blocman


With the COVID-19 pandemic raging and theatres still a long way from reopening, Culturebox, a temporary channel created by France Télévisions, was launched on DTT channel 19,, set-top boxes and apps on 1 February. The decree of 30 January 2021 amended the terms of reference of the national broadcaster France Télévisions in accordance with Article 48 of Act No. 86-1067 of 30 September 1986.

The channel’s purpose is “to offer cultural programming, especially live entertainment, while theatres are closed following the cancellation of numerous cultural events due to the health crisis resulting from the COVID-19 epidemic.”

The channel broadcasts all types of live entertainment (theatre productions, dance, opera, ballet, concerts, festivals, etc.), cultural programmes, artist profiles and other cultural events. The programmes are not subject to the provisions of Article 6 of the terms of reference, which specifies how shows should be broadcast on the public service broadcaster’s other channels. Finally, Culturebox “does not broadcast any advertising.”




This article has been published in IRIS Legal Observations of the European Audiovisual Observatory.