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IRIS 2004-10:Extra

Italy-Czech Republic

Films Co-Production Agreement between Italy and the Czech Republic

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Britta Probol

European Audiovisual Observatory

On 25 March 1968 a Co-Production Agreement was signed between Italy and Czechoslovakia. It entered into force on the same day. After the dissolution of the ČSSR, the Agreement is upheld between Italy the Czech Republic as the Successor State.

The Agreement applies to both full length and short films (there are special rules for the latter). Producers from third countries may join, if their country is linked to both Italy and the Czech Republic by a co-production agreement.

Financial contribution of a co-producer shall be at least 30% (in the case of multilateral co-productions or exceptionally under certain conditions, 20% are the minimum).

For further information contact:

- Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali - Direzione generale per il cinema - Servizio II: Relazioni esterne e internazionali


- Ministerstvo kultury - Státní fond České republiky pro podporu a rozvoj české kinematografie


Accordo tra il Governo della Repubblica Italiana e il Governo della Repubblica Cecoslovacca sulla coproduzione cinematografica - Decreto del Presidente della Repubblica 22 settembre 1972, n. 1293 (GU n. 317 SO del 10.12.1973) IT
  Films Co-Production Agreement between Italy and the Czech Republic, 12/1973