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France-Russian Federation

Films Co-Production Agreement between France and Russia

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Britta Probol

European Audiovisual Observatory

On 8 July 1967 a Co-Production Agreement was signed between France and the Soviet Union. After the dissolution of the latter, it has been maintained in force between France and the Russian Federation.

The Agreement applies to cinematographic works made by French directors, technicians, and actors, in conjunction with Russian directors, technicians, and actors; sufficing also them having the status of resident in the respective country. Third country producers may join the co-production, if their country is linked to both France and Russia by a films co-production agreement.

Financial contribution shall be at least 30%; 20% can exceptionally be sufficient. The minority co-producer must supply at least a screen-writer, a qualified technician, an actor in a leading role and an actor in a supporting role.

For further information contact:

- Centre national de la cinématographie - Direction financière et juridique - Service juridique


- Федеральное агентство по культуре и кинематографии - Föderalagentur für Kultur und Kino

Ильина Ирина Федоровна - начальник Договорно-правового управления

(Legal & Contracts Department)


  Films Co-Production Agreement between France and Russia, 05/1968