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Films Co-Production Agreement between France and Romania

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Britta Probol

European Audiovisual Observatory

On 22 April 1966 a Co-Production Agreement was signed between France and Romania. It entered into force on 6 October 1966.

The Agreement applies to cinematographic works made by French directors, technicians, and actors, in conjunction with Romanian directors, technicians, and actors; sufficing also them having the status of resident in the respective country. Third country producers may join the co-production, if their country is linked to both France and Romania by a films co-production agreement.

Financial contribution shall be at least 30%.

For further information contact:

- Centre national de la cinématographie - Direction financière et juridique - Service juridique


- Ministerul Culturii si Cultelor - Centru National al Cinematografiei


  Films Co-Production Agreement between France and Romania,p 09/1966