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IRIS 2017-7:1/23


Broadcasting Authority allocates awards under Broadcasting Funding Scheme

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Ingrid Cunningham

National University of Ireland, Galway

On 22 May 2017, the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) announced the allocation of EUR 5.5 million to projects under its broadcasting funding scheme, “The Sound & Vision 3 Broadcasting Funding Scheme” (see IRIS 2016-9/22 and IRIS 2015-4/13). The scheme is created under section 154 of the Broadcasting Act 2009, which requires the BAI to “prepare” a funding scheme to support a number of objectives, including new television or radio programmes “including feature films, animation and drama on Irish culture, heritage and experience”, “programmes to improve adult or media literacy”, “programmes which raise public awareness and understanding of global issues impacting on the State and countries other than the State”, and the development of archiving or programme material produced in Ireland.

The funding amounting to EUR 5.5 million was allocated to 119 projects following a detailed assessment process, with just over EUR 5 million allocated to 31 television projects, while some 88 radio projects will benefit from funding of EUR 480,000. A total of 220 applications for funding were made in this funding round of the scheme, “a slight decrease” from previous applications, with "documentary by far the most popular format for which funding was sought."

Chief Executive of the BAI, Michael O’ Keefe, noted that the scheme is financed from the Broadcast Fund, which comprises 7 % of the annual net receipts from television licence fees. He stated that “at a time when measures are under consideration to counter television licence evasion, it is worth bearing in mind that any increase in revenue will also lead to an increase in the amounts available to support more projects" like these and "make a further contribution to the quality of the content available to Irish audiences.”

Broadcasting Authority of Ireland, “More than €5.5m allocated to 119 projects under Sound & Vision Scheme”, 22 May 2017 EN