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IRIS 2016-1:1/17


"Let's choose what we watch"

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Nives Zvonarić

Agency for Electronic Media (AEM), Zagreb

"Let's choose what we watch" is a national campaign by the Agency for Electronic Media (AEM) and UNICEF, which aims to raise awareness of the importance of media literacy of parents, caregivers, and children, and on the importance of careful selection of media content for children. The campaign urges parents to use the TV ratings system that is designed to draw attention to the suitability of programmes for different age groups.

According to research conducted by AEM and UNICEF in October 2014, children watch television for approximately three hours each day and almost half of that time spent in front of the screen is unsupervised by an adult. This research highlights the important role media plays in a child’s development. It is crucial to raise the awareness and media literacy of parents and caregivers, as well as children, on the importance of choosing appropriate content.

The video campaign consists of three videos that indicate the potential harmful effects of violent and unsuitable content, as well as distorted and unrealistic media images. In addition the campaign consists of testimonials by known television personalities, journalists and editors talking about their parenting experiences and the importance of choosing media, as well as watching and talking with children about the programmes that have been watched.

The campaign builds on the existing partnership between the Agency for the Electronic Media and UNICEF, which is focused on improving, realising and protecting children's rights through the media.

Campaign video “Let’s choose what we watch” EN