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IRIS 2015-7:1/26


The Lithuanian Film Foundation

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Laurynas Ramuckis


This year, the Lithuanian Audiovisual Authors and Producers Rights Association “AVAKA” has implemented a project named “The Lithuanian Film Foundation”. The programme was partially financed by the Lithuanian Ministry of Culture. The remunerations collected for the reproduction of audiovisual works (copying) for private use (applied universal levies on hardware, storage medium etc.), which was introduced in 2012 (see IRIS 2012-4/32), provided 25 percent of the funding.

The essence of this project was a release of a mobile application allowing viewers to watch films from the Lithuanian film heritage on their tablets and/or smartphones. Currently, the database contains a collection of over one hundred classic Lithuanian films created between 1957 and 1981 by more than 108 film directors. All these films were created in the Lithuanian Film Studios. The application is accessible both on Android and iOS devices by means of an application called “KINO FONDAS”. All available films may be streamed free of charge, while downloading is not allowed.

The programme aims to attract film classics, as well as newer Lithuanian films. New Lithuanian filmmakers are welcome to make their films available on this application. The goal is to develop the application into a platform where Lithuanian filmmakers could present their audiovisual works. The project will allow film classics to remain well known and accessible to different audiences.

Apie projektą “Kino fondas” LT
  Information about the Lithuanian Film Foundation