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IRIS 2003-4:Extra

Agreement on Co-operation in the Fields of Science, Education and Culture

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Jacqueline Krohn

Institute of European Media Law (EMR), Saarbrücken/Brussels

On 7 April 2003, the governments of Poland and Turkey signed an agreement introducing a programme relating to their co-operation in the fields of science, education and culture.

In Article 25 of the agreement, the contracting parties undertake to support direct co-operation between Polish and Turkish institutions, organisations and associations of film-makers, especially with regard to the production of films, the provision of the necessary services and the presentation of films from the other country. According to Article 26, co-operation between film-makers’ associations and film archives is also to be fostered. Moreover, Article 27 states that reviews of films from the other country and their participation in film festivals should also be encouraged, as should the reciprocal holding of film weeks. Furthermore, the parties are to facilitate an exchange of delegations made up to three people.

The agreement was initially valid until 31 December 2006 and is automatically extended until the signing of the next programme unless and until notice to terminate it is given by either party.

PROGRAM REALIZACJI UMOWY mi´dzy Rzàdem Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej a Rzàdem Republiki Turcji o wspólpracy w dziedzinach nauki, oswiaty i kultury na lata 2003—2006, podpisany w Ankarze dnia 7 kwietnia 2003 r. PL
  Agreement between the Government of Poland and the Government of Turkey on co-operation in the fields of science, education and culture for the period 2003-2006 EN