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IRIS 2005-1:Extra

Agreement on Film Co-production between Italy and Macedonia

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Martin Kuhr

Institute of European Media Law (EMR), Saarbrücken/Brussels

On 15 November 2002, the Republic of Italy and “the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia” signed a film co-production agreement.

The aim of the agreement is to improve the basic conditions for film co-productions between the two countries, irrespective of whether a fiction, animated or documentary film is involved. The agreement is based on the idea that co-productions help to promote economic and cultural exchange. It provides for a number of measures aimed at facilitating co-operation on co-productions.

For example, Article 2 lays down that all co-productions falling within its scope are to be regarded as domestically made films. It follows from this that they are subject to the relevant national arrangements for the provision of support.

Under Article 6, producers in either country can contribute a minimum of 20% and a maximum of 80% to a project. In addition, they are required to meet at least 10% of the costs. Both countries must make a creative contribution to each project. This contribution may lie in the fact that the scriptwriter, the director, a set designer, a film editor or the person responsible for the music comes from the country concerned. Furthermore, each country should provide a main actor, a supporting actor and a technician. Instead of a main actor, two technicians may be provided.

Under Article 7, shooting must take place in one of the two contracting states. The director should be an Italian or Macedonian or originate from another EU country. The actors and technicians should be Italians or Macedonians or nationals of another EU country. Exceptions to these rules require the consent of the relevant bodies.

The contracting parties undertake in Article 11 to enable film industry professionals to enter and stay in their respective countries, subject to their national laws. The documentation necessary for checking whether a project can be regarded as a co-production has to be submitted forty days before shooting begins. This check is carried out by the Ministry of Culture in both Italy and “the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”.

A “Mixed Commission” made up of officials from both countries, experts, directors and producers deals with such matters as the application and development of the agreement and the balance in the involvement of both sides in the film projects supported.

Accordo di coproduzione cinematografica tra il Governo italiano e il Governo macedone IT
  Agreement on Film Co-Production Italy-Macedonia